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The War Between the States

The 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers


Fifty-Sixth Alabama Partisan Rangers are also known as
56th AL Mounted Infantry and 56th AL Cavalry

On June 8, 1863, the 13th Cavalry Battalion, commanded by Major Hewlett, was consolidated with the 15th Partisan Rangers Battalion, commanded by Major Boyles,
to form the 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers Regiment.

The Fifty-sixth operated in north Mississippi for some time under Gen. Ruggles. It was there brigaded under Gen. Ferguson, and sent to north Georgia. It served on the flank of the army during the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, and saw arduous duty. The regiment moved with Gen. Hood to the Tennessee, then turned and harassed Sherman. It was in the trenches of Savannah, and operated near Augusta. It moved into the Carolinas, and was surrendered at Greensboro, about 200 strong.

Many of the men of the 56th came from Walker County.

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