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Schools of yesteryear

Walker County Schools in photos....

The Fields? Sipsey School (submitted by Claudia Fields Kraemer)

Remembering schools of the past... 

Teacher on the left: said to be George Powell(1). The ladies to the right are Cordelia Morgan(Fields)(41) and her sister Martha Samantha Morgan(Aaron)(42)

ca. July 1956: the Fields School was built about 1888. The teachers that taught in this school were James Burton, Hudson Buzbee, Will Aaron, Van Phillips, Stuben Cole, Jake Phillips and Elbert Phillips. About 1893 it was torn down and a new framed building built. The teachers were Jake Phillips, Hudson Buzbee, Ursula Davis and Angelo Sparks. Eleven years later, c. 1904, another framed building was built and this is the school where George Powell was listed as one of the teachers. Other local teachers were S. D. Fields, Grace Mason, and Hubbard Rush.