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Banks Obituaries

(Submitted by Willie Barton)

George Banks
Troy Banks
John T. Banks

Roe Dolphus Banks
Silas M. Banks
William Banks

George Banks, 70, died at his home in the eastern part of the county Friday night. Death due to pneumonia. The remains were laid to rest at Sardis Church near Linn's Park Saturday. He is survived by his wife and several children, 6 brothers, 1 sister. He was the son of the late William Banks.
(Mountain  Eagle newspaper 11/6/1929)
The death of Troy Banks occurred at the family home three or four miles east of Jasper on the Birmingham Highway at an early hour Monday morning following a lengthy illness. Funeral services were held at Boldo and burial was in the Boldo Cemetery. Surviving are his wife and three children Miss Belle Banks, Virgie Banks and Vert Banks, his parents Mr. and Mrs. John T. Banks; four brothers M. D., Jim, Kelsey and Brance, one sister Carrie O'Rear. He was about 50 years of age  (Mountain Eagle newspaper 3/8/1933)

Funeral services for Mr. John T. Banks, 75, who died at his home on the Bankhead Highway east of Jasper of Tuesday night of last week, were held at Samaria Church two miles east of Jasper, Thursday. Services were conducted by Rev. L.B. Wages and Rev. Sam Gardner. Burial was in the Samaria Cemetery. Mr. Banks is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lou Banks; one daughter, Mrs. Andrew J. O'Rear; four sons, Rev. Malcolm D. Banks, Jim Banks, Kelsey Banks and Brance Banks. One daughter, Mrs. Willie O'Rear, died a few years ago and a son, Troy Banks, died about three weeks ago. Mr. Banks was a member of a pioneer Walker County family. He was a good, straightforward, honest citizen. (Mountain Eagle newspaper 4/5/1933)
Roe Dolphus Banks, 54, died at the family home on Carbon Hill Rt. 1 on March 31 after a lingering illness. The funeral was held at Union Chapel on April 2. He is survived by his wife and several children. He conducted a cafe in Jasper a few years ago and was quite well known here. (Mountain Eagle newspaper 4/8/1931)

Silas M. Banks, 65, died at his home near Linn's Park Monday after a short illness of pneumonia. He had been in poor health for a long time. Funeral services were in charge of Rev. C.C. Butler assisted by Revs. Short and Black and was held at Union Chapel Tuesday at 1. He is survived by 5 children, Jim C. Carl C. and Clifford, Mrs. Maude Morris and Mrs. Ruby Banks; 3 brothers John T., Newberry and Fayette, 1 sister Mrs. John D. Phillips. Mr. Banks was a member of one of the pioneer families of the county. He was an industrious farmer and a member of the  Methodist  Church.                             

 William Banks, one of the county's oldest and best known citizens died at his home on the Warrior River last Tuesday night about 12 o'clock. He had been complaining for a day or so, but worked all day Monday. Monday night he did not rest so very well, but about nine o'clock Tuesday morning he dropped off, apparently, into a restful sleep and his wife and family decided not to disturb him but let him rest. All the family except the wife went off to work, having no idea that anything was wrong with the father. About noon Mrs. Banks attempted to arouse him for his dinner but failed. Later on in the afternoon she made another attempt and again failed. It was then that she became alarmed and sent for the family and neighbors. All efforts to awake the sleeper failed and a physician was dispatched for. Dr. Davis, of Cordova, responded, but when he reached the bedside life was so near extinct that nothing could be done, and death resulted in about ten minutes later. Heart failure is said to have been the cause. The burial took place at Sardis, the following day. Mr. Banks was a good citizen and owned considerable property, being worth perhaps $15,000, every dollar of which he made by "hard licks". He owned the Exchange Hotel building here, and a large amount of lands. He leaves a wife, seven sons, and three daughters, to mourn their loss.

Barton Obituaries

(Submitted by Willie Barton)

A. A. (Boss) Barton
Harvel Barton
James A. Barton
Sidney Barton
John A. Barton
Miss Ethel Barton
Moses Barton Sr.
Moses Barton
Robert D. Barton

A.A. (Boss) Barton died July 9 (Sunday) at 4:30 at his home about 2 miles from Cordova.  He had T.B.  Funeral services were at Sardis Cemetery.  He was 45 years old, leaves a wife and small son, two sisters, Leila Jones and Tula Dexter and one brother, John Barton.                                 (Mountain Eagle newspaper 12 July 1922)
Harvel Barton, seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John William Barton of Boldo, was smothered to death in a pile of cotton at the family home last Saturday. The boy who had not been going to school was not well Saturday and his mother wanted him to take some medicine but he objected to taking it. Finally he said he'd take it if his mother would let him play in the cotton pile. The child was gone a long time and his mother, becoming uneasy, went out to look for him. The boy dug a hole down thru the cotton with his hands, his body gradually going deeper as he dug and suddenly the cotton caved in on him. Funeral was at Boldo Sunday. Surviving are the parents and a sister.  (Mountain Eagle newspaper 10/5/1932)

James A. Barton 
     Another member of Camp Hutto passed away on the 22nd day of December, 1916. J.A. Barton was born in Walker County, Al. 11 March 1844.  He entered the Confederate Army in the year 1863 and fought gallantly for the lost cause.  He married Miss Millie Ferguson 17 April 1873 and the union was blessed with a large family, only four of whom are now living.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Millie Barton, two sons, and two daughters,  A.A. Barton, John E. Barton, Mrs. Leila Jones and Mrs. Tula Decker.  In the death of Mr. Barton, the members of his family and relatives and friends throughout the county realize their great loss. He was a kind husband and father, a good neighbor and friend.

Sidney Barton died at his home in Cordova on Wednesday morning at 9.  The funeral was held at Sardis Cemetery.  He leaves a wife, 2 daughters Dorothy and Mrs. Floyd Wallace and 1 son Jodie, 2 brothers Joe and Clinton.                     (Mountain Eagle newspaper 1/12/1939)

John A. Barton, 78, a well-known citizen of Jasper Rt. 1, died at his residence near the Williams old mill on Jan. 6. He was the son of W.W. Barton and Nancy Hardin Barton. Funeral services were held at Boldo Thursday Jan. 7 and interment was in the Boldo Cemetery. He is survived by his wife and children. (Mountain Eagle newspaper 1/14/1943)

     Miss Ethel Barton, aged 15 years, died of tuberculosis of the bone, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Barton, on Route 1, at 5 p.m. Wednesday. Miss Barton was stricken with the deadly disease about six months ago and suffered a great deal before death came to her relief. For several days before she died she begged her people to make no further effort to save her life and allow her to die as soon as possible, because she didn't want to suffer any more.
      She was buried at Boldo Friday.  (Mountain Eagle newspaper April 16, 1913)

Died very suddenly at his home on the Warrior River this county last Monday of dropsy of the heart Mr. Moses Barton Sr. age about 72 years. Mr. Barton was the father of Mrs. D.J. Files. He was one of the first settlers of the county and served one term as county commissioner....             (Mountain Eagle newspaper 4/16/1890)

Ex-Sherriff Moses Barton died at his home on the Warrior River last Wednesday night. We have no particulars except that he had been in bad health for a long time and that he had lived out man's allotted time, three score and 10 years. One thing we can truthfully say, one of the best men the county ever produced has gone to his reward. Mr. Barton was elected sheriff in 1884 and served a term of four years discharging his duties faithfully and conscientiously. During the term of his office he executed "Jack the Bear", a man who was hanged for the murder of Pope Wooten, a well-known young man killed near Horse Creek.  (Mountain Eagle newspaper 9/17/1902)

Union News 12/21/1944
Aviation Cadet Robert D. Barton son of O.C. Barton of Sipsey was killed in a plane crash December 14 at Foster Field, Texas. Young Barton would have received his wings Dec. 23. He was on a routine flight 22 miles from base when the plane crashed. His body arrived Sunday and was taken to Sipsey. Burial was in the Union Chapel Cemetery.

Drummond Obituary

(Submitted by Willie Barton)

Pearl Drummond, wife of I.F. Drummond, died at the family home in North Jasper last Wednesday night at 11 after an illness of 16 days of typhoid pneumonia. She was about 30 and leaves her husband, 4 small children, 3 boys, 1 girl. Her maiden name was Pearl Allred. She was laid to rest in the Drummond graveyard.    (Mountain Eagle newspaper 11/23/1921)

O' Rear Obituary

(Submitted by Willie Barton)

Mrs. W. G. O'Rear, 52, succumbed to a lingering attack of cancer at the family home on the Bankhead Highway east of Jasper Tuesday night.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Banks.  Funeral services will be held at Union Chapel Thursday with interment following at Union Chapel.  Surviving are her husband, four sons, Ebb, Banks, Wiley and Oscar; five daughters, Mrs. Fletcher Baker, Mrs. Geo. Kilgore, Mrs. Blanche Alexander, Miss Lena O'Rear and Miss Lois O'Rear; one sister, Mrs. A.J. O'Rear; five brothers,  M.D., H.T., J.R., Kelcy and Brance Banks.            (Mountain Eagle newspaper Sept. 12, 1928)

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