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Walker County obituaries

 contributed by Willie Barton

Arnold Hardin, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hardin died of appendicitis in a Birmingham hospital last week. The funeral was at Boldo Saturday by Rev. Malcolm Banks. The interment was in Boldo Cemetery. (Mt. Eagle 10/12/1921)

Funeral services for Lecil Haywood were conducted by Rev. Wiley Kitchens on March 6 at Boldo Baptist Church.  Mr. Haywood died Saturday March 4 after an illness of several months.  He is survived by his widow, 3 children and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Haywood. (The Mountain Eagle  3/23/1944)

Willis Haywood, age 27, died from appendicitis.  He lives at Gardners community. The funeral was at Boldo. He was the son of Tom Haywood. (The Mountain Eagle 11/9/1927 )

‘Uncle’ Green Inman dead - near Townley. Perfect type of honesty and intolerant of anything that smacked of deception. His wife preceded him 3 or 4 years. (The Mountain Eagle 6/29/1898)

 Harold Kilgore, 9, of Dora died at a local hospital Sunday after an illness of 6 days. He was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Kilgore. He became ill on Monday June 12 with a headache and gradually grew worse. The funeral was held at Dora Methodist Church Monday at 3 p.m. Interment was at Oak Hill Cemetery. Surviving are his parents, one brother, Elbert and one sister, Mrs. Giles Jones of  Sulligent. (The Mountain Eagle 6/22/1939)

Mrs. Missouri Paralee Alexander died rather suddenly at the family home north of Staggs Bridge in the North West part of the county Friday evening. Friday she went over to Jefferson County where her son--in-law, Jim Tubbs, was killed in a mine on Thursday by a trip of cars that broke loose and ran over him. Her funeral was at Lamon Chapel Tuesday at 2 p.m.  Interment in Bennett Cemetery.  (The Mountain Eagle 12/28/1944)

Sad death of Lucille Morrow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Morrow. A shock to the entire community was the unexpected death of Lucille, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Morrow, of near Sander's Ferry and only grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Morrow. She had been well and playing all day; and about five o'clock her mother noticed her with a box of pills, from which several were gone. She went to sleep, slept about 10 minutes and awoke having convulsions and died within a few minutes, before medical aid could be summoned. The child was 17 months of age.  (The Mountain Eagle 1/31/1917)

George M. O'Rear, 23, was killed instantly in a plane crash at Ft. Clark near San Antonio, Texas Monday morning. The two cadets on board were approaching a landing field in a heavy bombing plane when something happened and the plane plunged 200 feet to the ground. The funeral will be at residence of Mr. and Mrs. George D. O'Rear Friday at 11 a.m. Survivors include step-mother, Mrs. Tinney O'Rear, one brother Neilsen O'Rear, 1 step-brother, Billy O'Rear; grandparents G. D. O'Rear; uncles Caine, Judson and Maynard; aunts Mrs. W. W. Woods and Miss Mabel O'Rear. He was the youngest son of George V. O'Rear, also a graduate of Walker High and University of Alabama (The Mountain Eagle 7/29/ 1931

Alex O'Rear, citizen of South Lowell, died at his store located 2  miles NE of South Lowell last Thursday morning. He was about 70, lived alone in his store, sleeping in an adjoining room. Thursday  morning he was at the home of his son-in-law, Henry Patton. He complained he hadn't slept the night before so he would go back to  the store and try to sleep.  Later two little girls reported to Mr. Patton that Mr. O'Rear didn't answer their knock.  When Patton arrived he heard Mr. O'Rear fall in the bedroom.  Forcing the door open he found his father-in-law lying by the bed dead.  Mr. O'Rear  was buried at South Lowell. (Mt. Eagle  3/19/1924)

The Death Angel has visited Jasper again and robbed it of one of its brightest and loveliest little gems.  Maud, the sweet little 8 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. D. O'Rear which occured at about 9:00 Monday morning after an illness of 19 days of thyhoid fever.  The funeral was preached yesterday at 1:00 at the residence of Mr. O'Rear by the Rev. R.M. Hunter, after which the little floweret was laid to rest at New Prospect Cemetery to await the resurrection morn.           (Mt. Eagle    11/8/1893)


Mrs. Drummond, wife of Dr. I.F. Drummond, died at her home in Beat 15 last Wednesday after an illness of ten months with consumption. She is survived by her husband, three children, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Phillips and two sisters, Mrs. Hubert Whorton and Mrs. R.F. Fields and a brother, Pharlon Phillips. Mrs. Drummond was born June 27, 1873, was educated in the public school in Jasper and was married to Dr. Drummond April 23, 1905. Interment was at Drummond Family burial ground. (Mt. Eagle 3/2/1910)

Mrs. G.D. O'Rear Passes Away                                        
Beloved Jasper Woman succumbs to Pneumonia; Funeral Services at residence Sat.                                         
   Mrs. G.D. O"Rear, 76, died of pneumonia early Friday morning at the family residence, after an illness of several days. Although Mrs. O'Rear's health had been failing for the past few years, her sudden illness and death cast a gloom over the whole town, where she had lived so long and was so beloved.                              
   Mrs. O'Rears maiden name was Venila Ducretia (Lucretia) Sanders and was the eldest daughter of the late Samuel Sanders and Nancy Cain Sanders.  Her father was a Confederate war veteran and Bible student. Her maternal grandfather, James Cain, introduced the bill into the State Legislature to create Walker County.     
   The deceased was born January 24, 1858 at the old Sanders place south of Jasper.  She was married to G.D. O'Rear, Jan. 18, 1880 and they celebrated their golden anniversary in 1930. Surviving are her husband, five children, Caine O'Rear, Mrs. W. W. Woods, Miss Mabel O'Rear, Judson and Maynard O'Rear, eight grandchildren, Neilsen O'Rear of Montgomery; Mrs. Bruce Jones, Misses Cleste Woods, Patricia, Emma Lucretia, Maynard Reilly, Caine Jr. and Martha Ann O'Rear and two great-grandchildren, Bobby Jones and Guy Reeves O'Rear; four sisters, Mrs. W.F. Kitchens, Jasper; Mrs. Lucy Catchings, Fort Worth, Texas; Mrs.S.B. Smith, Birmingham and Mrs. Vada Rosser, Jasper and also a wide family connection on both maternal and paternal sides. There are four children dead of whom one is Guy O'Rear, former sheriff of Walker County, and grandchildren dead including George M. O'Rear.   
   No woman ever reared here had a wider circle of friends or a greater influence and many hearts were saddened by her passing. Her greatest acts of mercy lay in her visits to the sick and the bereaved. She was ever present to help, to comfort and to cheer.  Mrs. O'Rear joined the Baptist church in 1881, and in her  younger days there was never a more devoted church worker. She did  much toward helping to build and adorn the present church for its dedication.  Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at the family residence with Dr. W.F. Yarborough officiating, assisted by Dr. J. R.Turner and Dr.J.P. Aiken, with interment in Oak Hill Cemetery. The pall bearers were Geo. Gallagher, Joe Simmons, Paul Boteler, Clinton Stovall, Arthur Sartain, Leo Standiffer, John Lacy and Karl Hare. The many beautiful floral offerings were handled by the grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Mrs. Caine O'Rear and Mrs. Bert Stephenson had charge of the music, the former, by request of the family singing "Nellie Gray" an old favorite of the deceased.                               
    We shall sleep but not forever.         There shall be a glorious dawn      

Mrs. Hugh Barton, 84, died at the home of her son, Andrew, in the Eastern part of the county Sunday after a long illness. She was laid to rest at Sardis Cemetery. She was one of the oldest and best known women in that part of the county. She was affectionately called "Aunt Sis Barton". She is survived by 3 sons and 1 daughter.(Mt. Eagle 9/19/1928)

Ollie Strickland, 38 years, 11 months died at a local hospital Tuesday night Sept. 25 from injuries received when a tractor turned over on him near Linn's Park, where he was employed by a saw mill company.  Mr. Strickland and others were engaged in skidding saw logs on a side of a mountain and a pin came out of some part of the tractor which caused it to ride up when it pulled too hard.  When it reared too high Mr. Strickland would put his foot on the clutch and bring it back to the right position. That time Mr. Strickland's foot missed the clutch.  It turned over, striking him on the hip and pinning him on the ground.  His companions were obliged to hitch mule teams to the tractor in order to get it off him. Mr. Strickland was rushed to the hospital where it was found he had a compound dislocation of his hip and internal injuries. He died about 9 p.m. Mr. Strickland is survived by his wife and 6 children.  He was buried at Boldo.     (Mt Eagle 9/19/1928)

Tilda Williams, 14, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Williams, of Boldo, who was taken to Birmingham for an operation for appendicitis recently died shortly after the operation. The operation revealed, it is said, that the child had suffered from chronic appendicitis, that the appendix had bursted some time ago, partially headed up and bursted again before she reached the hospital.
The remains were carried back to Boldo and interment took place at the Boldo cemetery,Rev. Puttman officiating.   (Mt. Eagle 10/18/1922)