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2005 queries..


October 2005:

Does anyone know ANYTHING about the J. Monroe Hill listed as deceased 1935?
My gggrandfather was Andrew Monroe Hill who married 1856 at Aberdeen, MS left his wife and young son Cason Monroe Hill at Smithville, MS, before 1860 census and was last seen "riding toward AL" as the family story went and was never heard from again.
Monroe is a middle name passed down in each generation of this family and this caught my attention.
I believe Andrew's grandfather to be Hardy Chamness/Chambless of Marion Co. who married a younger 2nd wife, Anne Williams, from the Aberdeen, MS, area. I know David Williams m. Melinda ORear --dau. of Jessie ORear--in Aberdeen, MS and they moved to Walker Co., AL, where she had grown up.
Could there have been a connection here that Andrew Monroe Hill came a couple of counties over and started a new life?
His oldest grandson by Cason was named James Monroe Hill. Maybe means nothing, but I'm interested in any clues as to the below Hill deaths that include J. Monroe Hill.

Wanda Sawtelle [wm343@bellsouth.net] October 2005

I'm looking for any information (for Walker Co.) on the family of Francis Marion England and Delia Fox (Jones) England, married 18 October 1866 in Jasper, AL. Delia and her son John F. died of measles in 1887 and are buried together in a wooded cemetery ("Old Pocohontas") in Eldridge, AL. Delia was born 1845, by her tombstone dates. I found their gravesite last weekend.

Francis Marion England was born February, 1847, died in 1933 in Cullman Co.
He was a Union veteran of the 1st Alabama Cavalry. His parents were John England and Katherine "Katie" (Blevins) England of Cedar Plains, Morgan County, Alabama.

Francis Marion and Delia had the following children in the Census of 1880:
Elizabeth England born 1867
Richard Elonzo England born 14 Oct. 1871, died 9 Nov. 1946, Cullman Co.
Emma England born 1872
Floyd England born 1875
Callie England born 1878, died of TB, Cullman Co.
William Monte "Willie" England born 1 August 1880, died 14 October 1959,
Cullman Co.
Fred England born 1885
John F. England born 1875/6, died of measles, 1887, Eldridge, AL.

Francis Marion England married for the second time to Ella McElroy (we think) in Arley, AL in 1895 in a service conducted by Rev. Crumpton. Ella died in 1907 and is supposed to be buried in Cordova, AL, but that needs to be confirmed and the exact cemetery identified. No children resulted from this union, hence no one living in our family is related to Ella, but is know helps fill out what is known about Francis Marion England. He married for the 3rd and final time to Carrie Bradford (1880 - 1963) in Cullman County.
Thank you for any help you can pass along on these folks.

Stephen Caudle
Vinemont, AL
Stephen Caudle [mailto:stephen.caudle@earthlink.net
October 2005

September 2005:

Seeking information on the family of ROBERT LEE MUSGROVE and wife, ANNIE PEARL PITTS.
He was born 24 Sep 1877, Blount Co., AL, and died 26 Sep 1955, Walker Co., AL, a son of WILLIAM HENRY MUSGROVE and RHODA W. CHAMBLEE, a grandson of the Rev. PHILLIP McCARTY MUSGROVE and ULSEY M. WHITE; of Blount and Cullman Co., AL, and a great grandson of JOHN TATE MUSGROVE and PENELOPE McCARTY; and, a great great grandson of the WILLIAM T. MUSGROVE who was on the 1830 US Census in Walker Co., AL.
R.L. MUSGROVE and wife were buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Jasper, Walker Co., AL.
He was a second cousin, once removed, to LYCURGAS BRECKINRIDGE MUSGROVE, Walker Co., AL's wealthiest and most famous citizen.  L. B. or BRECK MUSGROVE's great grandfather was the great great grandfather of ROBERT LEE MUSGROVE.  Die ROBERT LEE MUSGROVE and wife, ANNIE PEARL PITTS have children?  Who were her parents?
Ann S. Grainger [MASGrainger@knology.net] (September 2005)


Looking for information on the family of PEACH BUD STRICKLAND, born 2 Apr 1852, Cherokee Co., AL; died 7 Aug 1920, Carbon Hill, Walker Co., AL; married 10 Dec 1874, Calhoun Co., AL, to Mary Elizabeth Carroll.  She was born May 1858, SC; died 31 Dec 1922. 
 He was the son of SIMON STRICKLAND and CAROLINE (maiden name unknown), who were on the 1850 US Census in Cherokee Co., AL.  It is uncertain whether his father died or deserted his family.  Simon was born 1825, Johnston Co., NC.  In 1850, they were living next door to his parents, JAMES STRICKLAND (born 29 Dec 1795 either in Nash or Johnston Co., NC - or born on the ship to America as his youngest son would later write.  James married CELAH HORN on 31 Jul 1815, Johnston Co., NC.  She was ten years older, born 1785, NC, probably a daughter of JOEL HORN, SR.
By the 1860 US Census in Walker Co., AL, CAROLINE had remarried to JESSE W. DOBBINS, born abt 1832, St. Clair or Cherokee Co., AL.  Her Strickland children were erroneously identified as Dobbins.  Jesse was a son of JAMES B(ARTLY) DOBBINS and ELIZABETH HUGHES.  He was also the brother to LYDIA MYRA ELIZABETH DOBBINS, who had married BARDEN STRICKLAND, a brother to SIMON STRICKLAND and a brother to JAMES HUGHES DOBBINS, both families moving earlier to Fayette and Walker Cos., AL, after the Civil War.  Jesse W. Dobbins  survived the Civil War, and the family moved to Calhoun Co., AL.  However, by the 1870 census, he was no longer with the family.  It is believed the couple had separated, and he might have remarried. Caroline was on the 1870 US Census as head of household.  Again, her Strickland children were erroneously listed as Dobbins.
By the 1880 U.S. Census, Caroline Dobbins had moved to St. Clair Co., AL with some of the children by both marriages.  Her oldest son, James Strickland, was married and living next door.
Children by Simon Strickland:
1.  Celia Strickland, "Sealy",  born abt. 1848, GA or in Cherokee Co., AL.  Last shown on the 1860 census in Cherokee Co., AL, age 12.  No further information.
2.  James Strickland, born 1850, Cherokee Co., AL.  He married 21 Dec 1879, St. Clair Co., AL, to Elizabeth Turner.  They were living next to his mother in 1880; but were not on the 1900 US Census in Alabama.
3.  Peach Bud Strickland
4.  Mary E. Strickland, born abt. 1854, Cherokee Co., AL.  She was last shown on the 1880 US Census with her mother in St. Clair Co., AL.  No marriage record or further information.
Children by Jesse W. Dobbins
5.  Martha Melinda Dobbins, botn 1858, Cherokee Co., AL.  Last shown with her mother on 1880 census in St. Clair Co., AL.  No marriage record or further information.
6.  Joannah Dobbins, born 30 Sep 1860, Cherokee Co., AL; died 01 Jul 1939.  She married 9 May 1880, St. Clair Co., AL, to JAMES A. SMITH in St. Clair Co., AL.  They were buried in the Seddon Cemetery, Pell City, St. Clair Co., AL.  Her death certificate indicated the principal cause of her death was Pellagra (a condition related to too much corn in the diet). that led to chronic Myaconditis and Bassillary dysentry.
7.  Josephine E. Dobbins, born 30 Aug 1861; d.   She is believed to be the same as the wife of JEFF D. WEST buried in the Seddon Cemetery.  No date of for her death was shown.  (I was unable to obtain a death certificate to verify her maiden name.
8.  William "Willie" Dobbins, b. 1864, last shown with his mother on the 1880 Census.  No further
9.  Minnie Dobbins, b. 1868, Calhoun Co., AL.  No further information.

Ann S. Grainger [MASGrainger@knology.net] (September 2005)


This is the message I wrote to Dorothy.........is there anyone out there that can help.......thanks.......pj

Jessie Franklin THORNTON married Francis WHITLEY 1888 in Fayette Co, Al

Hi, found your post on genforum about the Richard and Agnes THORNTON family of Walker Co, Ala..........

I am most interested in this family since they have a son Franklin!!!!!!!
(not the one above)This one was born 1839

I am hoping that he is the father of Jessie Franklin Thornton b 1868 and Martha Thornton born 1866 .........to a woman named Mary ?could it be KILGORE?.........I found them in the 1870 census of Walker Co, Al....Mary and her 2 children were living in the HH of Joel BAKER and his mother Mabel BAKER.......I can not find any relation to these two.............no daddy found and have not found them at all on 1880. There were suppose to be from the Carbon Hill Area.........

I think I might have found Martha today married to a CLEMENTS........there was a Martha Jane THORNTON who married Manuel Lafayette CLEMENTS in Walker Co, Al 1890..........is this the correct Martha?

I have Jessie Franklin THORNTON b 1868 later in life........he moved to Oklahoma.........I can give you info there.........I do hope we can connect........

Maybe these 2 children belonged to another brother ..........thanks I look so forward to hearing from you........pj

Other questions:

Does anyone have a marriage date for Franklin THORNTON and Mary ?????
........or for Franklin THORNTON and whoever??????

Should be about 1861 to 1866 .......Walker Co, Alabama.........thanks pj

Also how about this.......does anyone know about these people?

1870...Walker County, Alabama Census District 14 June 2, 1870 Family 26/25
Baker, Joel 35 M W Farmer 300
400 Al
Mabel 77 F W HK
Thornton, Mary 25 F W HK
Martha 4 F W
Jessie 2 M W

There should be a marriage in Walker Co or surrounding for this Mary to a THORNTON........1860 to 1866,,,,,,,, I sure need to find this........

Also why was she living in the Baker household? Did she later marry Joel Baker ?????

What happened to Mary?
Did Martha marry Manuel L. CLEMENTS?
A widow Martha CLEMENTS had a boarding house in Jasper in 1930? Was this her?
I have Jessie from 1900 on........he lived till 1960.......I don't have him in 1880 but sure would like to.........
I also want to know his daddy's name!!!!

Thank you for your help.........pj

Hello it's me again!

Now I am looking for information of how to obtain Death Certificates from Walker Co, Al..........
Need one for Martha Jane Thornton CLEMENTS .......died March 16, 1929

I also need a cemetery lookup for her and her husband........suppose to be buried in a little cemetery on Carbon Hill......
Manuel L. Clements and Martha Jane Clements..........thanks pj

Is there a mortality schedule for Walker Co, Al for 1870? If so where could I find it online or is there someone that would do a lookup? Thanks pj

PJ Thompson [pj6449@apex.net] September 2005


April 2005:

I'm trying to find information on ancestors who went to Walker County Training School in 1940. I would appreciate any assistance. Sincerely, Jeff Snow (4- 2005[jsnow47@yahoo.com]

Lucinda RUSSEL wed "Dock" Merrit King Moses WELCH in 1878, son of Earley
They had at least one child, Dolly, born 1879. They moved in late
1889 from Walker Co, Alabama to Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Their daughter Dolly WELCH first wed James William LEONARD and had a son "Bill" William Ivan LEONARD who was raised as Bill KIMBLER after Dolly wed the half-brother of James W. Leonard, Albert L. KIMBLER.

Seeking information on siblings of Lucinda Russel and "Dock" Welch.
Seeking to find information on additional children born to Dock and Lucinda
-- early Walker Co, Alabama birth records available circa 1879 - 1890?

Leila Menzies (

 I am looking for a family with surname Minton who lived in Cordova, Al. I do not know the name of the head of household but possibly the wife's name was Bessie Mae with two children, Harvey and Salley. I am led to believe they lived in Cordova or Benoit Camp 1920-1940s.
Thank You
Bob Parker


March 2005:

Joseph H. SHAW married Nancy M. DAVISON, on 25 Jul 1848, Coosa Co., AL, and lived at Rockford.  Before 1870, they moved to Eldridge, Walker Co., AL.  Issue:  1) William M. SHAW, b. 1849 - need information; 2) Millie Ann SHAW, b. November 1852 - married Thomas Jackson HENDON, youngest son of William HENDON and Sarah A. DICKSON; 3) D. E. SHAW, female, b. 1853 - need information; 4) Lucy A. E. SHAW, b. 22 Jan 1854, married 3 Aug 1879, to the much older widower, David STUDDARD (s/o of Samuel STUDDARD and Malta Martha GORDON; 5) John W. SHAW, b. 1858, married 11 Sep 1878, to Elizabeth A. STUDDARD, daughter of James STUDDARD (also son of Samuel) and Elizabeth HENDON (sister to Thomas Jackson HENDON); 6) Joseph H. SHAW, Jr., b. 1860, - need information); 7) Margaret Melinda SHAW, b. 1862, married about 1879 to James ROBERTS- need parents; 8) Mary A. R. SHAW, b. 1864; married 10 Jan 1882, to J. H. OTMON in Walker Co., AL - need full name and parents.
Mary Ann Strickland Grainger, "Ann", 3301 O'hara Road, Huntsville, AL  35801
MASGrainger@knology.net (3-2005)

Delores asked

"When was Mt Zion church founded?

Are you talking about Old Zion Church near Saragossa? Its off Hway 5 north near the bp station. Alot of people from out of state and area have referred to it as Mt Zion so I was just wondering if indeed it is Old Zion that you are referring to.

The current Methodist Church across the street from the cemetery isn't the original church. The original church actually sat in the edge of the graveyard under the big oak trees pretty close to where the flag pole and the plaque are now. It was Old Zion Primitive Baptist Church. In the early 1980's it was finally disassembled by a cousin of mine and moved to his backyard and used as storage. If my memory serves me right it was built circa 1920. The church before that was a log structure that my grt grandfather William Floyd Dunkin/Duncan told me had burned when he was a small child and he said it was very old but no one I know remembers the build year. So if going by the oldest graves in the cemetery I would assume sometime around the period of 1845-1860. It was also a Primitive Baptist and that seems logical considering the next church to replace it and even in the exact location was indeed a Primitive Baptist. The only church there now is Old Zion Methodist and a much newer!
Church of God across the street that actually used the old Primitive Baptist Church building my cousin had before they built there new one.

I have many many family members buried at Old Zion. My grtgrandfather some years ago donated a acre or so to the existing graveyard and then they built the small road around it as you see now.

I hope this helps some I wish that I could be more specific. I grew up about 100 yards from the cemetery/church

roost600@bellsouth.net (3-2005)

Help me find the following family of John Lee Tucker b.1878 d.1952 and wife Texanna Harper Tucker b.1892 d.1978 buried Hopewell near Glen Allen AL.They had the following children:Beatrice Tucker b. about 1919, John (Johnnie) D. born about 1922, Laverne b. abt. 1924, and Martha or Margene????b. abt 1926 or later. The census is hard to read on Martha or???.
They are possibly living in the Walker County AL area or Jefferson County. Some of their families were coal miners.
Mary Hanson (3-2005)   louise hanson [hansonjames@bellsouth.net]

February 2005:

(Note from CFK: The following are also two of the exceptional examples of queries; informative, concise, including dates, locations, circumstances, and all appropriate info to return a reply....many thanks, Ann!)

Looking for information on B. P. "SLIM" YOUNG, age unknown.  He sold my father, CARTER BARTLY STRICKLAND a Bugle said to have been used during the Civil War, for a nominal free.  My father had admired the horn for numerous years when SLIM used it when they went fox hunting in Walker Co., AL.  All I know is that he was older that my father, who died age 90 in 2002.  I am trying to find out where SLIM acquired the bugle.  SLIM had married a widow, who had one daughter and SLIM adopted the daughter's child.  Otherwise, he had no other children as far as I know.
Where was SLIM buried? Who was his parents, siblings, etc.
Mary Ann Strickland Grainger, "Ann"(2-2005)

3301 O'hara Road, Huntsville, AL  35801

Tel. 256-883-1239
Does anyone know any history on Coke Oven Hill, between West Jasper and the Parrish Highway Alabama?  There were several large brick ovens built there. The ovens must have been active at the time the railroad was built there as the railroad makes a diverted loop to the ovens before straightening out again. 
  • When was the railroad built? 
  • Was the coke produced during the Civil War?
  • Where can I find information on these ovens?
The ovens appear to be on land that was first acquired on land that William Henry Musgrove purchase land in Walker Co., AL in 1822 (who married Sarah Fowler in Blount Co., AL; but never lived on the land in Walker County,  remaining in Blount Co., AL.)
 William Henry Musgrove was the son of William T. Musgrove and Nancy Tate, who apparently moved on his son's land along with several of his children. Elizabeth S. Musgrove (who married John Norris); Dr. Edward Gordon Musgrove (who was already married to Rachael Hickland); Phillip Trapnell Musgrove (who married Rosannah J. Patton and moved first to Mississippi, then to Arkansas); and Margaret Musgrove (who married Lewis Watson Bradley).
Two other of William T. and Nancy Tate's children also  remained in Blount Co., AL, were:  oldest son, John Tate Musgove (who was married to Penelope McCarty); and Mary Musgrove (who married in Blount Co., AL, to James McAnally)
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Mary Ann Strickland Grainger (2-2005)
3301 O'hara Road SW
Huntsville, AL  35801

I'm searching for the graves of my great grand dad & mom. His name was Rufus J Cornelius, died abt 1915. Lived in Bartonville, Al. near Jasper. Melcenia died 1948., in the Peoples hospital in Jasper. Help would be appreciated.
Gene Johnson

Gene Johnson [gjohnson14@otelco.net]

Reference Alabama Deaths 1908-1959 Melcinia Cornelius died 7-5-1948.
You can get a $2.00 death certificate (copy) from the following which will generally tell where one is buried. More than likely, Rufus will be buried there also.

susette_cook@hotmail.com She is located in Branchville, AL. A wonderful service! Her website is:


This is an excellent source for references of who parents were, where buried, died of???

Mary Hanson, Mississippi


Note from...Dennis Gurley [dlgjmk@bellsouth.net]

You can write this lady for any assistance that may be available. The below is an explanation as to the reason some death certificates are not available. Susette's e-mail address is susette_cook@hotmail.com

In 1912 Alabama just was not very good at keeping death records. The state did not become 98% compliant until the 1920s. It is possible that there is one for him but I just don't see him listed. You could try looking for a grave stone. If he owned property there may be a will or probate records.

Happy Hunting!

Susette Cook
145 Sycamore Lane
Branchville, Alabama


My father (deceased 1984) lost his arm in January 1942 in a grist mill accident in Carbon Hill. He was hospitalized and treated at the hospital located in downtown Jasper. I don't know the name, but his brother tells me that the hospital building is still there. Does anyone know where old hospital records may have been taken when the hospitals closed? Walker Baptist states that there records only go back to 1950s.
Margaret Behel

Margaret Behel [blackdog@webjemm.net] (2-2005)

I would believe that it was indeed Community Hospital and not Peoples considering the time frame but I could be wrong. What makes me believe it was Community Hospital is because that building is still standing whereas Peoples was demolished and a community center placed in its stead. The old Community Hospital is located next to the Adam Bishop Center and if I am not mistaken is a part of the Mental Health Center now. Call the Adam Bishop Center maybe they can help you. To get to the old Community Hospital building Turn at the traffic light at Captain Dees towards downtown Jasper. Go through two four way stops and when you reach the curve after the second take the right in the curve it should be about a block or so on your right.

roost600@bellsouth.net (2-2005)

The November 6, 1850 census report for District 12, Walker County, AL shows the following family that I am researching. Would appreciate sharing more data with members of this family line.

Robert Benson age 55 shoemaker born TN
Elizabeth, wife age 45 born TN
William, son age 19 born TN
Comfort, dau age 15 born AL
Robert A., son age 10 born AL
Sarah F., dau age 08 born AL
Elizabeth M. dau age 04 born AL **

In the 1860 census report for this family, Elizabeth M. is listed as Malinda. By the July 14, 1860 census report, this family continues with Robert, age 67, shoemaker; Elizabeth, wife, age 57; Robert A., age 19; Sarah F., age 17; and Malinda R., age 13 (presumably her name must have been Elizabeth Malinda Ruena Benson).

The son, William Benson, age 29 was living in the Eastern Division, Arkadelphia P.O. with his wife, Hester A., age 23, Elizabeth, a daughter aged 3, and William B., a son age 10 months.

I could not find Robert A. Benson (age 19 in 1860) or the daughters Comfort and Sarah F. on any 1870 census report.. Where did they go? Did Robert A. die during the Civil War??

Would like to share any information on this family line with others also researching this same family. I have a son, William H. Benson's Homestead Land Entry, as well as William H.'s son, Robert Franklin "Frank" Benson's Homestead Land Entry as well as quite a bit more family data that I am willing to share.

Jane Benson(2-2005)

Jane Benson [jab50@bellsouth.net]

Jane, I am a descendant of Lue H Benson, a daughter of William H Benson. I have placed queries on the many web sites and in the Eagle, Jasper's newspaper. I have lots of information on Robert Benson's family and especially my lineage of the Benson family. I am working on Robert "Bob" Benson's parents. Do you know who they are?
I am happy to share what I have on my family tree maker software.


Ruby Nell Nicholson [nell513@mail1.scottsboro.org]

My great, great grandfather, James Oscar Cain, was born in Georgia in 1796 and died in Walker County in 1883. He served some time in the Alabama State Legislature. I have a faxed picture of his grave site in Liberty Hill Cemetery, which I think is a few miles south of Oakman. If you have information as to the exact location of this cemetery, I would be most appreciative.
I also seek information about Corona Coal and Iron Company. My grandfather was employed there. The web address I am including brings up a picture of employees of that company. The J A Cain shown is my grandfather James Alexander Cain, grandson of James Oscar. The R A Cain at the lower right is his first cousin. L B Musgrove (Lycurgus Breckenridge) is also his first cousin. My uncle was born in Corona in 1910. Sometime after that the family moved to Blossburg, and J A's three children who survived to adulthood were born there.
Thanks for your help.
Steve (2-2005)

Steve Richie [toofman@charter.net]


This is just a note to let you know that the 1860 Winston County census has been transcribed in its entirety. Go to ...


and click on the "Census Records & Data" link, and then click on "1860 Winston County Complete Census."

Cullman County People: Don't forget that the west part of Cullman was part of Winston until 1877. The majority of those living in this section would be on the second division of the census.


Peter J. Gossett (2-2005)

Peter J. Gossett [graywolf1980@ala.nu]

I am looking for any information or family of Samuel Miller Perry - He was a doctor in Carbon Hill in the 1910 Census, He resided on Fifth Street. His wife's first name was Addie last name unknown and she was teacher.

His father, Thomas J. Perry was a salesman at a Drug Store.

Samuel had two children, Mary b. about 1902 and Thomas b about 1904

Thanks for any help at all

Irma Sohnchen (2-2005)


I have a very old picture of a group of people (students) in front of the Empire School, Empire, AL. I found this picture in my mother-in-law's pictures. I have no information about anyone in the picture. My mother'in'law's maiden name was Reeves and I know she had some distant relatives that went to AL. In particular Butler and Lowndes Co., AL and there was a Jane Reeves who married Edward Harris that went to AL but I do not know the county. I found that Empire is in Walker Co., AL and then found your name as a Researcher for the Harris family in Walker Co., AL so I decided to contact you. Jane Reeves Harris was born ca 1779 in Bladen Co., NC d/o Edward Reeves & Jane Melvin. I am trying to find out which of Edward Reeves family would have had children that attended the Empire School and then maybe I can find out more about this family.

Thank you,
Patricia M. Brashear (2-2005)
Bates Branches

The Northeast Alabama Genealogical will be having their annual Ancestry Swap Meet this year April 23, 2005. It will be in Gadsden, Etowah County, Alabama.

If you would like to receive an application for it with all the details please send me your name and address. We will be doing our mail-outs this week so I need your name and address quickly.
Just email it to me.
Gail Brown, (2-2005)

President Northeast Alabama Genealogical Society



I'm trying to find information on ancestors who went to Walker County Training School in 1940. I would appreciate any assistance.

Sincerely, Jeff Snow (2-2005)

Jeffrey Snow [jsnow47@yahoo.com]

Have your ancestors migrated through or settled in the Walker County, Alabama area? Would you like to place queries in the local newspaper query column "The Family Tree" published in each Friday's edition on the Lifestyles page? This column can be viewed each Friday at... http://www2.mountaineagle.com/NF/omf/eagle/lifestyles.html

Queries are placed on a first come basis according to the date and time of day sent.
Thanks to all of you fellow researchers who have sent queries in the past for this column. With your name, e-mail and mailing address included, anyone reading the queries can contact you with information they may have for you. This newspaper is mailed all over the United States so your query will get exposure in a lot of places as well as here in Walker County.
Send your queries to pjlane@bellsouth.net
Joan Lane (Feb-2005)
Publications Director
Walker County Genealogical Society, Inc.

I am researching the ancestors and descendants of Lewis Willcutt(1794-1825), Rev.J J Watts 1822-1876)and Will Beck (1870-1924). I would love to share information with anyone researching those same lines.
Sheila May (Feb-2005) smay@nctv.com

Looking for information on Stephen (or Steven) Minor, believed to have migrated to Walker Co from Georgia in the first part of the 1800's. Father of Joel Enoch Minor.
Also, info on James Lockhart, believed to have been from Beaverton in Lamar County.
Bob Lockhart (Feb-2005)

January 2005

Drucilla Busby b. Nov. 1886
If anyone is researching McClendons/McLendons in Walker Co., AL, I need help on my Grandfather Benjamin J. Busby's sister Drucilla Busby born Nov. 1886.  Drucilla Busby married Sam McLendon on July 21, 1901 in Walker Co., AL.  I have searched the census records and cannot find Drucilla McClendon or Sam McClendon.  If anyone researching the McClendon name can help me in any way, I would appreciate it.  You can email me at gyb3444@nehp.net

 Thanks, Glenda Busby Mayo  Jan-2005


I am looking for the parents of Jackson Murphy. He was born around 1871 and
died around 1905. He was married to Letha Catherine Thomas. Jackson had 6
children, Glen (my great grandfather), Samuel, Robert (Bob), Bell, Eula, Pat.

He also had 2 brothers, Henry M and William and a sister Sallie Jane. Henry
was married to Della Johnson and Sallie Jane married Riley Monroe Thomas.

If you have any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Letha Clark  Jan- 2005
146 Salt Lick Creek Rd.
Pleasant Shade, Tn 37145
email address- jamacia@twlakes.net

I am looking for my GGGrandparents William D. Parker and Minerva Ann Parker(maiden name Crocker). I am not sure when they died or if they are buried there.They might have died in Walker or Jefferson County,Alabama.I do know that William and Minerva's granddaughter Alma White(maiden name Parker) is buried in Shanghi Cemetery.
Thank you,
Michael A. Parker Jan-2005

Michael Parker [mipar36@yahoo.com]

I am trying to find out any information about the Bessie Coal Mine Cemetery.  I believe it is either in Walker or Winston County.  The  cemetery was constructed for the 30 men that lost their lives in the Bessie Coal Mine explosion in 1916.  My great grand father was one of the men killed.  
I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
Jan-2005  Lee Rhodes [leeacox@hotmail.com]

I am trying to find my family from around Walker Co., AL.  Do you know of a Crane Hill Cemetery in Mt. Hope?  I was told by relatives that is where my GGGF was buried.

Susan Besta  Jan-2005   KcSuzyq@aol.com

I'm searching for the grave of Rufus Cornelius. He died abt 1915. He lived near Jasper.

 Thanks    Gene Johnson Jan - 2005       gjohnson14@otelco.net

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Joan Lane
Walker County Genealogical Society, Inc.  Jan 2005

I found this commencement program (see here) for Walker County High in my grandmothers scrapbook. It is post marked 1912 and Jasper High School is hand written on the outside of the envelope.  I have a post card much like the one you have.  It looks to be watercolored and has the inscription "Public School Building, Jasper, Ala." and is post marked 1914.  Also, here is a copy of a card that belonged to my Grandmother's father. I can not find any information about this hotel.  I know that he died January of 1899 in North Carolina.  He moved there sometime after my grandmother's birth in Birmingham in December of 1897. Perhaps someone knows where information on this hotel might be found.  My Great-grandmother died in Walker County in 1923.  Her death certificate has her address at time of death as "Beat 31".  A "Registration District No. 640031" and  a "Registered No. 73" is also on there. Where can I find out where she died, using this information? Thanks and I hope someone else will enjoy the commencement program,
Sue Scott   [animalhowz@earthlink.net] Jan 2005

I am looking  for a Youngblood  family  that lived in Walker  county from around 1900  to 1930 . I found the father, Melvin Y. on a census and it has his kids listed , I didn't know it was mine till I happened  to be given a picture  of 4 children  with one  of  their names on the back . Lela  which is Melvin's  daughter and  then  when I looked at  the census the kids in the picture  were named and the ages  seem to correct for  the picture . I am hoping  to find a death  for Melvin  and  possible  a grave site . I am also looking  for  one of his  sons John Wesley Youngblood and a Jewel D. Youngblood ... sister they are listed in  the 1930 census with  their mother Alice Youngblood , hoping  to find  marriage info. Please  any help  would be greatly appreciated 

 Thanks... Kathy Youngblood Carter - Jan. 2005  LuckyCharm81166@aol.com
p.s. Melvin is my great-grandfathers Brother

I am looking for information on Rufus Marshall who died 25 October 1938 Carbon Hill, Walker Co., Alabama, his wife Sallie (Sarah) Sartor Marshall who died 20 January 1953 and is buried at Pisba Cemetery, Carbon Hill, Walker Co., Alabama, and Daisy Burgess, who was the informant on Sallie's death certificate.


Valerie- Jan 2005     Valerie Lisk [valsgenes@sbcglobal.net]

Could anyone help find the following family who lived in Walker County?:
Thomas Wade Harper b.1864 d.1940
wife, Georgianne Tucker b.1865 d. before 1940 date unknown
children: Augustaus "Gus" Harper b.1886 d.1929
Texanna Harper b.1872 d. ?
married John Lee Tucker , daughter Beatrice Tucker married a Glover, Johnny Tucker married a Wright, Gus Tucker
III. Josiah "Joe" Harper b.1895
Rosa Elsie Harper b.1897 married a Crocker in Walker Co.
V. John T. Harper b.1901

louise hanson [hansonjames@bellsouth.net] Jan-2005