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Visual Tour of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama


Morgan Hall........Gorgas House.......Comer Hall..........Woods Hall........Manly Hall........Clark Hall.........Garland Hall.......Smith Hall......Tuomey Hall

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  • Garland Hall 1910's

  • Bama Theatre 1938

  • Greensboro Avenue 1940's

  • Aerial Pic of University of Alabama 1940's

  • First National Bank

  • First National Bank

  • 6th Street Scene 1930's

  • 7th Street Scene (large file)

  • Old Administration Building U of A

  • Alabama Central Female College (Old Capitol Building)

  • Battle-Friedman Home

  • Bob's 82 Truck Stop Northport Alabama (across from new Post Office)

  • Burchfield Hotel (across from Old Train Station on Greensboro Ave.

  • Catholic Church 1911

  • Tuscaloosa County Courthouse 1913

  • Confederate Monument 1932

  • "New" Tuscaloosa County Courthouse 1910's

  • Druid City Hospital (DCH) 1970's

  • Druid City Hospital 1950's (later Russell Student Health Center U of A)

  • Dills Motor Court

  • Doster Hall U of A Campus

  • Drish House, Southside

  • First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa, early 1900's

  • Greensboro Avenue 1950's

  • Gorgas House 1950's

  • Greensboro Avenue (City Square looking north early 1900's)

  • Greyhound Bus Terminal, University Blvd. (later became Post Office)

  • Johnny's Restaurant (Broad Street later called University Blvd)

  • Kanora Barbeque

  • Physical Lab Uof A early 1900's

  • Home of Major Spence

  • Mimosa Park

  • Old Stagecoach Inn (Old Tavern prior to relocation)

  • Post Office (later became City Hall)

  • Gulf States Paper Mill 1930's

  • Alabama Union Bldg (later Reese Phifer Hall)

  • Pinehurst

  • Public School 1910's

  • U of A Quad 1930's

  • VA Rec Bldg 1930's

  • River Bridge

  • Rosenou Residence

  • South Highland Motel Hwy 82 3 miles south

  • Jason Shrine U of A

  • Smack Drive Inn

  • Town House Hotel

  • Black Warrior River Scene

  • 1936 Store

  • Tuscaloosa Square early 1900's includes McLester Hotel & Bingham Drug Store

  • Mound State Park Old Pic

  • U of A Observatory

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