Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Willliam Bates Will

Contributed by Kay Parker McCary, Milam, Sabine Co., Texas
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Page 40

William Bates}                    The State of Alabama Sumter County
Last Will & Testament}           I William Bates of the County and
Probated & Recorded 14th}      State aforesaid being of Sound mind but
January 1854}                    weak in body and about to depart this life maketh this my last Will and testament of the effects of my Estate which God in his goodness hath blest me with it is my Will that my Executor to this my last Will have full power to Control and manage my estate for the interest of my heirs that they have full power to buy of Sell any property that may by to their interest, I appoint Executors to this my last Will and testament Wyatt Harper and James G. Coates;
   December 14 AD 1853      Wm Bates
Louis Hadden}
Charles S. Coates}
The State fo Alabama}      I Louis Hadden do hereby certify
Sumter County}               that William Bates did whilst of
sound & dispensing mind & memory Sign publish & declare the above and foregoing to he his last Will & Testament as well in my presence as of Charles S. Coates, the Solomizing Witness to Said Will & that both Said Coats & myself.  Signed

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