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Sumter County
Towns and Communities

Above you will find the towns/ communities that we currently have some information on.  Below are the towns/ communities that we do not have information on. If you have anything you would like to contribute, such as photos, stories, histories, etc., please let me know.

Bellamy, Belmont, Bluffport, Boyd, Brasfield Landing, Brewersville, Brownstown,
Coatopa, Cuba,
Deans Landing, Derby, Dove, Dug Hill,
Emelle, Epes,
Fair Oaks,
Gainesville, Gaston, Gieger,
Hall Creek, Hamner, Hixon, Horns Bridge (historical),
Lilita, Livingston, Lukes Landing,
McCainville, McDowell, Millville, Moore Town,
Old Bluffport,
Panola, Parker, Payneville, Penola (historical), Persimmon Grove, Prospect (historical),
Scratch Hill, Siloam, Sledge, Standard, Sumterville, Sydenham (historical),
Tutt Spring,
Ward, Whitfield, Williams, Woodford,
Zion Hill

Dug Hill

Dug Hill Community

If you have any information or photos you could add about this community, please let me know

Dug Hill School was first located next door to Dugs hill Church.  It was a one room school.  Then the new school was later built which had two rooms.  The last teachers at this school was Mrs. Mattie Washington of the Dugs Hill Community and Mrs. Katie Louise Otis of Livingston.  This was a Black School.  If someone have some precise dates of this school closing and how it was started - It would be appreciated.


If you have information on Livingston that you could contribute, please let me know. Here is a link to additional information on Livingston off site, click here.

Livingston Information


1918 State Normal School, Livingston, Alabama Incorporation of The Town of Warsaw

Name City/Town
Alamuchee Post Office (historical) Ward
Belmont Post Office (historical) McDowell
Bennett Station Post Office (historical) Bellamy
Bluff Port Post Office (historical) Brewersville
Bodka Post Office (historical) Geiger
Boyd Post Office (historical) Boyd
Coatopa Post Office (historical) Coatopa
Curls Station Post Office (historical) Bellamy
Deal Post Office (historical) Boyd
Derby Post Office (historical) Gaston
Dial Post Office (historical) Porterville
Dove Post Office (historical) Tamola
Fulton Post Office (historical) Emelle
Geiger Post Office (historical) Geiger
Hillview Post Office (historical) Brewersville
Intercourse Post Office (historical) Bellamy
Ivy Post Office (historical) Geiger 
Jones Bluff Post Office (historical) Epes East
Jonesville Post Office (historical) Gainsville
Kinterbish Post Office (historical) Ward
Lilita Post Office (historical) Bellamy
McDowell Post Office (historical) McDowell
Payneville Post Office (historical) Boyd
Rex Post Office (historical) Boyd
Rosser Post Office (historical) Whynot
Sumter Post Office (historical) Livingston
Toomsuba Post Office (historical) Kewanee
Walk Post Office (historical) Bellamy
Warsaw Post Office (historical) Warsaw
Whitfield Post Office (historical) Whitfield

Sumter County Schools

This list was taken from GNIS mapping service.  This is by no means all of the schools in Sumter County, but it's a good start.  If you have additional information such as histories, locations or a listing of students (ancestors), please let me know and I will add the information here.

School Name City/Town
Alabama Female Academy (historical) Gainesville
Alabama Female College (historical) Gainesville
Allie McElroy School (historical) Panola
Archie Institute School (historical) Gainesville
Battle School (historical) Livingston
Bell Institute (historical) Boyd
Belmont School McDowell
Bethel Hill School (historical) Brewersville
Bethel School (historical) Jefferson
Blackjack Academy (historical) Brewersville
Bucks Chapel School (historical) McDowell
Burwells Classical Mathematical School (historical) Emelle
Cuba Elementary School Kewanee
Cuba Head Start School Ward
Dearman School (historical) York
Dug Hill School (historical) Brewersville
Dumas Academy (historical) Boyd
Ezell School (historical) Epes West
Fourth Creek School (historical) Bellamy
Gainesville Headstart School Gainesville
Hall Creek School (historical) McDowell
Intercourse School York
Jones Creek School (historical) Epes West
Kinterbish Junior High School York
Lillies Chapel School (historical) Bellamy
Livingston High School Livingston
Lizzie Judkins School (historical) York
Marys Chapel School (historical) Coatopa
McGowen School (historical) Kewanee
Miller School (historical) Epes East
Mitchell School (historical) Geiger
Mitchell School (historical) Gainesville
Mount Gilead School (historical) York
Mount Herman School (historical) Boyd
Mount Pilgrim School (historical) Emelle
Mount Pleasant School (historical) Coatopa
Mount Powell School (historical) Boyd
Mount Tabor School (historical) Coatopa
Mount Tabor School (historical) Panola
Mount Zion School (historical) Emelle
Nelson School (historical) Geiger
Neville School (historical) Panola
New Hope School (historical) Epes East
North Sumter High School Warsaw
Oak Grove School McDowell
Payneville School Boyd
Pine Grove School (historical) Livingston
Pine School (historical) Warsaw
Pine Top School McDowell
Saint Johns School (historical) Warsaw
Saint Michael School (historical) McDowell
Salem School Warsaw
Shady Grove School (historical) Livingston
Shady Grove School (historical) Coatopa
Shelby School (historical) Gaston
Shiloh School (historical) Epes West
Snow Hill School McDowell
Souls Chapel School (historical) Geiger
State Normal School Livingston
Sumter Academy York
Sumter County Area Vocational School Livingston
Sumter County High School York
Sumter County Training School Livingston
Sumter School Emelle
Townsends Mission School (historical) Ward
Townsends Mission School (historical) Gaston
University Of West Alabama Livingston
Woolf School (historical) York
York Public School (historical) York
York West End Junior High School York
Zion School (historical) Brewersville

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