Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Teachers in 1882

Contributed by: Mary Hoit Abbe

Livingston Journal

             Vol. 18, No. 5
             January 21, 1882


White Teachers in Sumter County
R. B. Callaway
E. L. Winkler Livingston
Mrs. C. A. Altman Livingston
Dr. Carlos G. Smith Livingston
Miss Julia S. Tutwiler Livingston
Prof. H. W. Whitfield Gainesville
Pro. Mellen Gainesville
E. M. Shaw
Mrs. Booth Cuba
A. M. Armstrong Coatopa
D. N. Mosely York
Mrs. V. E. Walker York
C. E. Tartt Sherman
Miss E. E. McLean Livingston
Miss Annie G. Cook Livingston
E. J. Simms Livingston
Miss S. O. Cherry
L. J. Adams Gaston
W. H. Green Livingston
Mrs. J. J. Johnston Sherman
J. B. Parker Gainesville
R. C. McCartney Gainesville
J. F. Gandy Sherman
Mrs. S. M. Little Warsaw
Miss Mamie Yarborough

Colored Teachers in Sumter County
J. C. Cooke
W. R. Speight Gainesville
Dennis Pittman Livingston
S. A. Coleman Livingston
Jack High Sumterville
Wm. Leewood Gainesville
Mrs. Wm. Leewood Gainesville
Isaiah Wills Gainesville
India Wood Gainesville
Mary Johnson
E. D. Burns Gainesville
Louisa L. Alexander Gainesville
Susie J. Jordan Livingston
Susie A. Bliss Gainesville
J. J. Gooden Livingston
Isaiah Abrahams
Black Bluff
via Demopolis
D. B. Cameron Warsaw
Ellen Winn Sumterville
Mary Chapman Livingston
D. Griffin
H. Hayes Belmont
J. W. Eason Coatopa
A. Connor Cuba
Miss Florence Brown Sumterville
Miss Nora Brown Sumterville
D. W. Brown Sumterville
James Ware
Mrs. Lizzie Williams Livingston
J. L. Speight Gainesville
A. W. Hines Epes’ Station
Minter Dotson Livingston
D. C. Adams Warsaw
Mangie Reid Belmont

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