Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Deeds Book I

Edited Index to Sumter County, Alabama Deeds Book I

Deed Information

index pg GRANTEE
Bk Pg
5 Abrahams James A. Grimes William H. I 665
5 Adair Edwin K. Reid James M. I 77
5 Adams Elvira Norville Hardy W. I 236
5 Allen John Jr Lefever Robert I 156
5 Allen John Jr Tillman George I 155
5 Allis William M. Carleton Montgomery I 227
5 Allis William M. Davis A. J. I 97
5 Allis William M. Heary Patrick I 743
5 Altman John Pool John I 240
5 Amason Asa Soule John M. I 183
5 Anderson Leroy H. Gorman William I 697
5 Anderson Leroy H. Smith Albert H. I 699
5 Anderson William Jarrell David I 878
5 Anderson William Williams Sam I 879
5 Anderson William Scott Alexander I 304
5 Arrington Henry F. Campbell Thomas I 854
5 Arrington Henry F. Jemison William H. I 198
5 Arrington Robert Baker Robert A. I 464
5 Arrington Robert Patton William S. I 469
5 Ashby James H. Tankersley George G. I 213
5 Ashford Simeon Ezell John I 188

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