Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
1837 - 1840 Deeds Book C

Edited Index to Sumter County, Alabama

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Deed Information

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Colgin John Fowlkes H. A. C

Chandler John Kennard George W. C

Crenshaw Willis Kennard George W. C

Coffman Samuel H. Earbee William C

Chapman A. Richardson Allen C

Cook Major Ratican Michael C

Coffman Samuel H. Weed J. C. et ux C

Coffman Samuel H. Eskridge Thomas L. C

Crenshaw Willis Johnson William C

Chinn Richard H. Payne Thomas J. C

Campbell & Finn
Lewis Moses C

Chiles Walter McDonald James C

Curry David Harper Daniel F. C

Calloway Lemuel Perkins John W. C

Calloway Lemuel Perkins George C

Clanton Lewis D. Obannon ? Robert C

Clanton Lewis D. Ratcliff James C

Croom Richard Ethridge Mary E. C

Clay Stephen W. Payne Ransom T. C

Coats John Ingram Joseph G. C

Chandler Patrick S. Little William et al C

Chapman Alexander Davis James M. C

Christopher R. G. Brock Lewis C

Christopher R. G. Worsham John C

Covington H. W. Miller William L. C

Crenshaw Willis Earbee William C

Cahoon Abezail Griffin G. G. C

Catalon William H. McAlpine Jefferson C. C

Cooper James B. Womack Jesse, Shff C

Chandron Julius Caven Miles C

Cavin Miles Chandron Octave C

Chapman Alexander McAlpine J. C. C

Chapman Alexander Savage Elizabeth C

Chapman Alexander Johnston William C

Crymes Robert Green Rob C

Conner David Nelson Amasa C

Cook John B. Cleming P. R. C

Campfield William A. Pearson John L. C

Clement Edward McLatham William C

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