Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
1836 - 1838 Deeds Book B

Edited Index to Sumter County, Alabama

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Deed Information
index pg GRANTEE
BK pg
1 Alston Nathaniel Tax Collector Bond
B 26
1 Allen Joseph Littlepage Robert B 77
1 Arledge T. F. Payne Robert B 102
1 Arlington Anthony S. May Jonathan B 109
1 Arrington Henry F. Torry David A. B 129
1 Arrington & Evans
Portis David Y. B 137
1 Arrington & Evans
White Joseph B 158
1 Abney Hardy Roan William B 171
1 Amason Asa Bulbro James H. B 174
1 Abney Hardy McCain James A. B 180
1 Arrington Henry F. Wright Alfred M. B 231
1 Alston Thomas P. McAlpine J. C. B 379
1 Abrahams, J. A. & Co.
Brewton James H. B 459
1 Amason & Little
Ellis Edwin B 469
1 Abney Hardy Wright Daniel B 539
1 Arrington Moarning Alston Thomas P. B 544
1 Allen J. F. Allman Amon B 562
1 Autry Lewis S. Logan Benjamin F. B 605

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