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Sumter County
The Richard Newton Family

of Sumter County, Alabama
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Richard and Martha Burt Newton

Richard Nicholas Newton was born May 11, 1790 in Duplin County, North Carolina. He was the son Samuel and Elizabeth Newton, his mother dying as he was born. His stepmother was Ann Brock, who married Samuel Newton on June 25, 1790. Samuel Newton was born October 14, 1764, in Duplin County, and was the son of George Newton (1742-1780) and Nancy Ann Moore Newton who were married in Duplin County in 1763.

Richard N. Newton grew up in Duplin County, N.C., where he served in Captain Glison’s Company, North Carolina Militia, during the War of 1812. He enlisted at Duplin Court House in July 1812, for a six month term from which he was discharged at Fort Johnson in Brunswick County, NC.

Richard first came to Alabama about 1820, along with his stepmother and sister, settling for a time in Monroe County. While living in this area, he married Martha Burt Newton in Clarke County on March 16, 1822. She was born in Edgefield District, SC on November 3, 1803, and was the daughter of John Burt (1776-1855) and Lucy Huff Burt (1786-1867) of Clarke County.

Richard and Martha Burt Newton remained in Monroe County until about 1832, during which time their first six children were born. After the sixth child was born, Richard decided to relocate his family to Sumter County, where he erected a simple log cabin home sometime between 1831-1832.

After finishing the new home, except for roofing, Richard returned to Monroe County to collect his family, and bid goodbye to his stepmother and sister, to whom he gave his Monroe County property.

Richard and family arrived in Sumter by wagon, which carried all the children and family belongings. The new homestead lay about two miles from Old Ramsey Station (present day Emelle). One of the neighboring families was that of Wimberk Boney with whom the Newton family established Liberty Primitive Baptist Church in the mid-1830’s.

Richard and Martha continued building a large family, with seven more children arriving between 1832 and 1847, only one of which who did not reach adulthood. In total, the couple had seven daughters and six sons, all of the latter served in the Civil War, three of those being killed in action, one dying of effects of wounds after the war, another permanently crippled by a shoulder wound, leaving only one unscathed.

Martha Burt  Newton died at home July 5, 1877, and was buried about 100 yards away from her home in Boney Cemetery, as the old Liberty Church Cemetery had come to be called.

Richard Nicholas Newton only survived his wife by a year and a few days. However, his was not a natural death. At the ripe old age of 88 years, Richard lowered himself down his well to retrieve the water bucket which had become detached from the rope. Two of his daughters waited above to retrieve him, but found that they did not have the strength to pull him up after he reached the bucket. Richard N. Newton died July 27, 1878 by drowning in his well while retrieving the bucket. He was buried beside his wife in Boney Cemetery.

The Children of Richard and Martha Burt Newton

1.Mary C.  Newton
B: July 26, 1823 in Monroe Co., Alabama
D: October 26, 1900 in Sumter Co. Alabama

2. John Newton
B: May 10, 1825 in Monroe Co. Alabama
D: June 23, 1873 in Sumter Co. Alabama or Columbia Co. Arkansas

3. Lucy Newton
B: September 26, 1826 in Monroe Co. Alabama
D: October 4, 1907 in Kemper Co. Mississippi

4. Joseph Patrick Newton
B: December 14, 1827 in Monroe Co. Alabama
D: circa 1900 in Plant City, Florida

5. William Andrew Newton
B: September 13, 1829 in Monroe Co. Alabama
D: February 16, 1908 in Columbia Co. Arkansas

6. Lucina Burt Newton
B: April 10, 1831 in Monroe Co. Alabama
D: December 12, 1893 Kemper County, Mississippi

7. Richard Samuel Newton,
B: November 18, 1832 in Sumter Co. Alabama
D: May 19, 1863 at Vicksburg, Mississippi

8. Elizabeth Newton
B: April 11, 1835 in Sumter Co. Alabama
D: May 19, 1863 in Sumter Co. Alabama

9. Margaret Newton
B: December 18, 1837 in Sumter Co. Alabama
D: January 2, 1916 at Plant City, Florida

10. Thomas Newton
B: August 4, 1939 in Sumter Co. Alabama
D: April 6, 1864 in Augusta, Georgia

11. Martha Newton
B: August 27, 1841 in Sumter Co. Alabama
D: February 5, 1889 at Plant City, Florida

12. Isaac Newton
B: March 17, 1845 in Sumter Co. Alabama
D: 1862-1865 unknown

13. Naomi Newton
B: January 12, 1847 in Sumter Co. Alabama
D: October 26, 1853 in Sumter Co. Alabama

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