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Sumter County
Mack Talbot Obit

submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe

The Livingston Journal
Livingston, Alabama
May 26, 1882
In Memory
Of Mack Talbot (colored) who was born in Georgia in 1794—a servant of Rev. Edmund Talbot.  When 15 years of age he was given to W. H. Talbot, a son of his former owner.  In 1857 W. H. Talbot gave him to his daughter Ruth G. Scarborough.  When he was emancipated in 1865 he took a survey of all that emancipation promised and his decision was that he would remain with
Mrs. Scarborough, whom he had nursed when she was a child.  Mack joined the New Prospect Church in 1849, and lived a consistent praying man, until the 5th of January 1882.  On that day he left earth’s cares for his reward, at the advanced age of 88 years.  He was a good servant and a good freeman.

The Livingston, Journal
Livingston, Alabama
May 26, 1882
   Mrs. Sallie Wilkinson died at the residence of her son, M. J. Wilkinson, in Mobile, at 7 p.m. 23 inst.  She had been sick several weeks with a typhoidal form of fever.  She had also some heart trouble.  It was thought and confidently believed, that she was convalescing from the fever.  About 5 p.m. she awoke, complaining of pain in the region of the heart, and requested the family to rub her breast.  While they were trying to relieve her, her attending physician came in and did all he could to relieve her, but too late; for death soon closed the scene.
   Mrs. Wilkinson, for a long time was a resident of Sumter county.  Her husband moved in 1837 from Edgecomb co., North Carolina, and settled near Warsaw.  Mrs. W. lived there until her son located in Mobile, in 1869.  Notwithstanding she had lived beyond the allotted time, the announcement of
her death will cause a thrill of pain among all her old friends who knew her so long and so well.  She was a lady held in highest esteem by all who knew her best, as they can all bear evidence of her
great moral worth.  May we emulate her Christian virtues.



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