Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
File: Mitchell, Yancey to Moore, John T.

Contributed by: Mary Hoit Abbe

           Container #  LGM 136, Reel # 14

Mitchell, Yancey

Mize, Oscar A.

Mobley, G. B.

Mobley, Green B.

Mobley, George

Mobry, J. P.

Moeman, Henry

Moffitt, Elihu

Moffitt, R. E.

Molton, Charles M.

Moncrief, Francis M.

Moncrief, George W.

Moncrief, Julia

Moncrief, Sampson

Moncrief, Sophia

Monett, Samuel

Monette, J. Wesley

Monnette, Samuel

Montgomery, Robert B.

Mooney, Kathleen & Russell

Moore, Aaron

Moore, Allan E.

Moore, Amanda E.

Moore, Andrew M.

Moore, Arthur

Moore, Catherine E. Guardian of

Moore, Commodore & James L. Commodore D.

Moore, Ed S.

Moore, Ernest

Moore, Frank B.

Moore, George Dudley

Moore, J. A.

Moore, James

Moore, Johnnie

Moore    John T.

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