Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
File: Hopson, Bluford through Horn, Josiah R.

Contributed by: Elaine

           Container #  LGM 135 Reel # 16


Bluford Hopson- Frames Start  7-99

Edmond C. Hopson- Frames 100-244

Joosephine Horde Frames 245-286

Mary Horde- Frames 287-304

Annie F. Horne- Frames 305-309

Curtis D. Horn- Frames 310-335

Felix G. Horn- Frames 336-348

Harris Horn- Frames 349-553-

Henry Horn- Frames 560-711

H L Horn -Frames 714-724

Tredell H. Horn Frame 726 not in alphabetical order

Issac H. Horn -Frames 736-738

Issac W. Horn -Frames 740-713-all frames are mixed up and duplicated #’s of other people’s frames

I.W. Horn-Frames- 783-800

Jacob Horn Frames- 801-863

James Horn Frames- 864-810-811mixed up frame #’s

John L. Horn Frame- 813

John W. Horn Frame -413-frame #’s not in order

Josh Horn -Frame 1271-1304

Josiah Robert Horn -Frames 1308-1553 cont. on next reel.

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