Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Rev. J. W. Cherry Credential for Methodist Minister

Submitted by: Sylvia Dees

1840 Marengo Co AL
Credential for Methodist Minister
Orphans Court Special Term June 28th A.D. 1840

It being proven to the satisfaction of the court that the Reverend J. W.  Cherry is a regularly ordained minister of the Gospel of the Methodist Church and is also  being made apparent that he is in full fellowship and communion of the church of which he is a member - It is therefore by the court considered ordered and made known to all whom it may concern that under the act of the General Assembly and the authority of the State of Alabama, that the said Jared W. Cherry, an ordained minister of the Gospel, as aforesaid, is duly authorized and empowered and fully competent to celebrate and solemnize the rights of matrimony between any and all persons within the State of Alabama, who maybe there unto duly and fully authorized or licensed
according to law, and it is also ordered that a copy of the foregoing be issued to the said J. W. Cherry as a testimonial under the
acts of the General Assembly in such cases made and provided.

            Angus R. Morrison
            Judge JC

This order should have been made on this third day of May A.D. 1840, but by mistake it was not made.  It is now ordered by the
court that it be made as of that date.
                Winifred Woolf

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