Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
John Gibson Smith with his family

On left Ruby (SELF) Smith wife of John Gibson Smith (on right) with their 3 daughters. Ruby holding Aileen (Smith) Gowdey who was married to Richard C.Gowdey of York. Standing is Louise (Smith) Sims who was married to Rubin Sims of York. Mr Smith holding Bessie who died in 1899 not long after this photo was taken. John died in 1933 and was returned to GA. where he was
born.  Aileen died in 1934 and is buried in York.  Ruby died in 1962 and is buried in York. Louise died in 1982 and is buried in York. We think Bessie is buried in Attalla or a cemetary called Oxford Memorial Gardens. No record of her death place.

I am Aileen Gowdeys G.daughter. Lynda Ann (Gowdey) Beck. My Father was Spratt Gowdey b. 1-13-1920 in York. He had 2 brothers George G. and Thomas Frances both born in York.  Aileens husband Richard Childs Gowdey died in 1923. My G.Gparents, Mary Frances "Fanny" (MILES) Gowdey died in 1899 and G.Gfather George Clarence Gowdey died in 1927. He was
President of Bank of York for a time and unfortunatly shot and killed himself in the old bank bld. which still stands.
My 3rd cousin Larry Cobb, son of the late Eva and H.L. Cobb who owned the drug store there in York now has turned the old store into a Pub and restuarant.

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