Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Gould Family

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Sumter County, AL Deaths

GOULD, John M.  185?  Bluff Port
GOULD, J. A. (male)  185?  Bluff Port
GOULD, William F(reeman)  Bluff Port

Sumter County Births
GOULD, Fannie Louise  11/28/1847  Bluff Port
GOULD, John M.  1848  Bluff Port
GOULD, J. A. (male)  1851  Bluff Port
GOULD, John Daniel  01/1853  Bluff Port
GOULD, William F(reeman)  1855  Bluff Port
GOULD, Kate M. or E.  03/30/1859  Bluff Port
GOULD, G. D. or Jefferson D. (possibly female)  1862  Bluff Port
GOULD, Mary "Mamie" W.  10/1863  Bluff Port

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