Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Confederate Pensioners of Sumter County

Transcribed by Mary Hoit Abbe
Jan 1, 2006
Published in Our Southern Home January 27, 1926 

[Alphabetical List] [Post Office]
Lula B. Altman York
Mary A. Arrington York
Martha E. Bartlett York
W. T. Bragg York
Rosa K. Brown Livingston
G. W. Curry Livingston
Wm. S. Daniels Cuba
H. G. Danner York
Mary J. Davis Boyd
L. C. Dawkins Geiger
Martha C. Dill Ward
Joseph Drinkard Bellamy
Alice F. Edmonds York
Gray Ellis Gainesville
S. J. Flournoy York
Mary F. Harry Boyd
Mary E. Hoit Livingston
Mary E. Hunter Livingston
E. E. Hutchinson Geiger
Sarah F. Ivy Geiger
Frances E. Kerr Geiger
Sallie E. King Sumterville
M. A. Kinnard Livingston
Caroline Lancaster Cuba
Jno. R. Larkin Coatopa
Mary E. Larkin Coatopa
Mary C. Lockard Ward
Thadeus E. Lockard Livingston
L. S. Lumus Cuba
Jennie Masters York
Arch McAlpin York
Jennie McAlpin Cuba
W. F. McGowen York
Jennie Mellown York
Fannie Melton McDowell
B. L. Mitchell Cuba
J. L. Moore York
Susan Mosely Ward
J. G. Parker Geiger
Laura A. Peteet York
Mary E. Peters York
Annie B. Pinson Geiger
Geo. N. Rainer Cuba
Alice L. Ramsey Emelle
Frank Ratcliff Ward
Lucy C. Roberts Gainesville
M. J. Rushing Coatopa
Annie T. Shaw Cuba
W. F. Sims Ward
Martha C. Speed Ward
Julia B. Stewart Sumterville
Henrietta Turk Livingston
F. M. Walker York
W. R. Warbington Ward
Hattie E. Watson York
J. J. Watt Geiger
Willie G. Welch Ward
Addie B. White Epes
Chas S. Williams Gainesville
Mollie Wilson Livingston
J. H. Winningham York

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