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The Confederate Veteran  Vol V, No. 5, August 1897, p 460

    Mr. Ed Rogers, of Hillsboro, Tex., writes:  “Dr. N. B. Kennedy, Adjutant of Hill County Camp, died very suddenly of heart-disease on August 10.  He was very enthusiastic in arranging the details of reunion for theb13th, but was promoted three days before, and we had to move on without him.  Dr. Kennedy was born in Sumter County, Ala., in 1837.  He joined the Twenty-Seventh Alabama Regiment, but was soon detailed as assistant surgeon of it and later was sent to the hospital service at Lauderdale Springs, Miss., and then to the same service at Uniontown, Ala.

The Confederate Veteran,  Vol VIII, No 1, January 1900, pp. 84-85
    Hon. Joseph Reid Ramsay

    The following sketch is by John A. Rogers:
    When one whose life was eminently worth of emulation has passed away it is fitting that some record should be made of the deed that brought honor—some account preserved of those attributers of mind and heart that endeared him to his associates.
    For more than sixty years a resident of Sumter County, Ala., no more well-rounded life was ever lived within its borders than that of Joseph Reid Ramsay. On the 14th of October, 1853, he was married to Sarah I. Wrenn.  To them was born eleven children, seven whom are living, residents of Sumter County, enjoying the heritage of a noble ancestry and honoring in their lives an unblemished family reputation.
    He entered the service of the Confederacy with the Fifty-Sixth Alabama Regiment in September, 1862, serving with credit to the close of the war.  When the war was over he took and active and capable part in the reconstruction of State and county politics.  He was four time elected to the State Legislature, in which body he wielded a potent influence.  Incorruptible, absolutely above the temptations of place or power, his career as a public citizen is without reproach.  As a  private citizen, in all his relations as husband, father, and friend, his life was wholesome, sweet, and pure. [included portrait here] He discharged his duty as a Christian citizen.  He made companions of his boys and their little friends. His heart was as young and tender as their own, his sympathy for their grief as great as was their sorrows.  It was to this fact, perhaps, as much as to his impartial decisions of their disputes that he exercised a wonderful influence upon the youth of his acquaintance.  This influence is especially emphasized because of the difference in age.
    He possessed the unbounded confidence of his associates of maturer years, acting often in the capacity of arbitrator in those disputes common to country neighborhoods.
    As a business man he was a success, and his obligations needed no further guarantee than his promise to pay.  A thing was either right or wrong, receiving his indorsement or his condemnation as soon as he could carefully consider the subject.
    Mr. Ramsay was born in Pendleton District, near Pickens C. H., S.C., December 14, 1827, and died in Birmingham, Ala., on the 27th day of June, 1899, to which place, he had gone for treatment, having been in feeble health for years.
    When told that the end was near, he accepted the fact with courageous serenity born of supreme confidence in a life of rectitude
    With love and respect growing out of an intimate knowledge of life of my dead friend, this sketch of him is affectionately inscribed.

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