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Sumter County
Charles Kearney Hall Sr

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Kearney Hall
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My grandfather Charles Kearney Hall Sr (1874-1949) was born in Sumter County. He lived in Cuba. He married Mary Anne (Mamie) McCabe (1880-1953) in 1905. He was an engineer for Southern Raiways for over 47 years. His train run was from Birmingham, Al. to Meridian, Ms. and often drove the train through his hometown on the way between the cities enroute.

CK Hall Sr was one of 14 children of Kerney Cotton Hall (1818-1874) and 2 wives-Hettie Wallace (1828-1862)--married on March 25,1846, and Sarah Elizabeth Wells (1842-1909) married on Jan 20th 1863. My grandfather was the last of the 14 born to KC Hall of Sumter County, Ala. The first born was Leonardus Edwin Hall-March 23,1847. He enlisted in the Confederate army in 1863 at age 16 and was inducted in the 54th Alabama C.S.A. in Morton, Mississippi. So my grandfather's half-brother fought in the war.

KC Hall was born in NC in 1818 and emigrated to Sumter County with his father and mother circa, 1830. His mother was Penelope Pippin (1794-1818) His father was Robert Clark Hall. KC Hall shows up in the early census info.

I have found the following spellings (or I should say misspellings of the first names. I have found the following spellings for Kearney-Kernie/Kerney/Curnie/Curney.
Sumter county has all of these spellings in deed records,census,etc. The one I and my father and grandfather use is Kearney.

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