Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Civil War Veterans at a Reunion in 1900

Submitted by Nan Glasgow
Civil War Veterans Reunion
This picture was made of a group of Civil War Veterans at a reunion in Winfield, Alabama in 1900.

Beginning on the bottom row to the right: Alex Rye, S.W. Moss, Ruben Andrew Jackson Dodson, Sr. (father of John William Dodson), John Erwin, Wash Musgrove, Henry Musgrove, M.T. Akers, John Wheeler, John Harbin, Luther Gilmore, Jake Nix Rawls, Love and Newman Williams.

Second row reading from right to left: Thad Harris, W.R. Haney (Pennant on shoulder), H.K. Caddell, Bishop, John Berryhill, Landon Mills, W.R.H. Loden, Monroe Ward, Ruebin Shirley, Jack Couch, Tommy Smith, Thom (Thomas) Beasley, Steave Hodges, Jack Mozingo, Ben Henderson, John Jenkins, and John W. Russell.

Third row (top) reading to the right: Isaac Perry, John Hodges, Howe, Seay Marcum, Wm. I. Holcomb, Van Miles, Lawson White, Dave Stanford, Elisha Warren, J.B. McClung, S.E. Wier, Abram Shirley, M.A. Musgrove, Doss Mills, John Maddox with A.J. Fowler (drum)

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