Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County

This list was taken from GNIS mapping service.
This is by no means all of the churches in Sumter County, but it's a good start.
If you have any historical information, please let me know and I will add the information here.

Churches City/Town
Antioch Church Gainesville
Baptist Society of Sumter County Deed
submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe
Bellamy Church Coatopa
Belmont Church McDowell
Belmont Methodist Church Belmont
Bethany Church (historical) Gaston
Bethel Church Jefferson
Bethel Church Emelle
Bethel Church Epes West
Beulah Church Ward
Black Bluff Church Whitfield
Brewersville Church Brewersville
Brown Chapel Emelle
Browns Chapel (historical) Epes West
Browns Chapel (historical) Boyd
Brunson Church Whynot
Bucks Chapel McDowell
Cedar Grove Church (historical) Gaston
Central Church (historical) Emelle
Chestnut Grove Church  Bellamy
Christian Valley Church Brewersville
Christian Valley Church
Deed - submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe
Church of Christ York
Coatopa Church Coatopa
Cokes Chapel (historical) Ward
Cokes Chapel Church Ward
Dawsey Church Emelle
Dug Hill Church Brewersville
Ebenezer Church Whitfield
Elizabeth Church Bellamy
Emelle Church Emelle
First Baptist Church Livingston
First Baptist Church York
First Methodist Church York
First Presbyterian Church Livingston
First Presbyterian Church York
Fourth Creek Church Bellamy
Friend Church Livingston
Friendship Church Bellamy
Friendship Church Coatopa
Galilee Church Panola
Gaston Valley Church Gaston
Gieger United Methodist Church Geiger
Grants Chapel York
Greater Mount Olive Church Boyd
Hadden Church Boyd
Harmony Church (historical) Gainesville
Hawkins Chapel Brewersville
Hixon Church Livingston
Holiness Church Ward
Holiness Tabernacle York
Hopewell Baptist Church (historical)
Deed - submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe
Jerusalem Church Geiger
Jerusalem Church (historical) Geiger
Jones Creek Church Epes West
Jones Creek Church (historical) Epes West
Kenyon Church Brewersville
Lamkin Church Bellamy
Liberty Church Whynot
Liberty Church (historical) Geiger
Liberty Church (historical) Emelle
Lillies Church Bellamy
Little Rock Church (historical) Epes West
Livingston First Baptist Church Livingston
Livingston Church of Christ Livingston
Livingston Church of God Livingston
Livingston United Methodist Church Livingston
Livingston Presbyterian Church Livingston
Marys Chapel Coatopa
Methodist Episcopal Church Deed
submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe
Methodist Episcopal Church Deed
submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe

Miller Hill Church Epes East
Montevallo Church Whitfield
Morning Star Church Bellamy
Morning Star Church Kewanee
Morning Star Second Baptist Church Livingston
Mount Calvary Church (historical) Geiger
Mount Carmel Church McDowell
Mount Carmel Church (historical) Boyd
Mount Gilead Church Cuba
Mount Harmon Church Geiger
Mount Hebron Church (historical) Boyd
Mount Herman Church Boyd
Mount Hermel Church (historical) Geiger
Mount Nebo Church Brewersville
Mount Olive Church Boyd
Mount Olive Church (historical) Boyd
Mount Pilgrim Church Emelle
Mount Pleasant Church York
Mount Pleasant Church Warsaw
Mount Pleasant Church Coatopa
Mount Pleasant Church Warsaw
Mount Powel Church Boyd
Mount Prospect Church Brewersville
Mount Tabor Church Panola
Mount Tabor Church Coatopa
Mount Zion Church Whynot
Mount Zion Church Bellamy
Mount Zion Church Emelle
Mundy Chapel (historical) Bellamy
Nebo Church Brewersville
Nelson Church (historical) Geiger
New Bethel Church Emelle
New Bethel Church Gainesville
New Hope Church Epes East
New Mount Calvary Church Geiger
New Prospect Church Brewersville
Oak Grove Church Tamola
Oak Grove Church McDowell
Old Mount Olive Church Boyd
Old Providence Baptist Church
Oxford Church Tamola
Palestine Church McDowell
Pine Grove Church Ward
Pine Grove Church Livingston
Pine Grove Church (historical) Warsaw
Pine Top Church McDowell
Pleasant Grove Church (historical) Panola
Rehoboth Church (historical) Brewersville
Reids Chapal Whynot
Rocks Chapel York
Rome Church Warsaw
Saint Albans Church Gainesville
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Livingston
Saint James Episcopal Church Livingston
Saint Johns Church Gaston
Saint Johns Church Warsaw
Saint Luke Church (historical) Panola
Saint Mark Church Panola
Saint Marys Church Panola
Saint Matthews Church Whitfield
Saint Michael Church McDowell
Saint Peters Church Emelle
Salem Church Panola
Seloim Baptist Church of Christ
Deed - submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe
Shady Grove Church McDowell
Shady Grove Church Warsaw
Shady Grove Church Livingston
Sharon Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Ward
Shiloh Baptist Church Livingston
Shiloh Church Epes West
Shiloh Zion Church Emelle
Shorts Church Gaston
Siloam Church York
Silver Chapel (historical) Ward
Smiths Chapel Boyd
Smiths Chapel (historical) Boyd
Souls Chapel Geiger
Spring Valley Church Gainesville
Springhill Church Gainesville
Sumterville Baptist Church Epes West
Sumterville Church Epes West
Sunlight Church Emelle
Trinity Church McDowell
Union Chapel  York
Union Church (historical) Kewanee
Ward Church Ward
West Union Church Emelle
Whitfield Church Whitfield
Winston Church Geiger
Zion Church Whynot
Zion Hill Church York
Zion Hill Church Brewersville
Zion Valley Church Warsaw

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