Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Genealogy of Cadmus Elnathan Tartt

Submitted by: Lackey Stephens

Cadmus Elnathan Tartt was born in 1829 in Sumter County, Al.. He was the son of Elnathan and Martha Maund (Andrews) Tartt. He married Agnes M. Beavers on March 27, 1857 in Sumter County, Al. In 1850 he owned 25 slaves. The 1880 Census of Sumter County, Al. shows the following family:
C.E. Tartt-55- N.C.- Farmer
A.M. Tartt-50- Al.
Lizzie- 22- Al.
Sterling- 21- Al
Agnes- 20- Al.
Blake- 18- Al.
Margaret-11- Al.

1882 is the last record I find for Cadmus Tartt in Sumter County, Al. He is listed as a school teacher in Sherman, Sumter County, Al. Local legend says he killed a man and left for Texas. This could be valid since I found his wife Agnes M. (Beavers) Tartt in Galveston , Texas listed as widow of C.E. Tartt, occupation-boardinghouse.

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