Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Unnamed Cemetery

Submitted by: Mary Hoit Abbe
This cemetery is located in Sumter County, Alabama,
about 7 miles north of Jackin, Alabama, on the cut off road from Highway 17 to Derby

Daniel D. McSween

Jan 13, 1811 Jan 27, 1855 Died in Texas
Son of Daniel & C. McSween

  Feb 27, 1855 Age 1 yr. 1 mo. 2 days
(Daniel McSween killed by his slaves.
He and his son are in the same grave)
Susan L. Ward

  Nov 8, 1870 Age 8 yrs. 4 mos.
Elizabeth Seale

March 8, 1797 July 29, 1857 [nee Lyon]
b. S.C.
(wife of Bluford Seale)
d. in Ala.
R. L. Seale MD

July 9, 1825 May 25, 1897  
Carter H. Seale

June 5, 1829 June 12, 1853 b. Greene Co., Ala.
d. Sumter Co., Ala.
Bluford Seale

Jan 28, 1791 Oct. 18, 1871 b. S.C.
Mrs. Mary Culpepper Seale

1808 Oct. 14, 1864 b. Nash Co, N.C.
William C. Seale

June 22, 1866 Dec 12, 1889  
Mary E. Lockard Seale

March 14, 1836 June 26, 1882 b. Greene Co., Ala.
Wife of T. F. Seale
d. Johnson Co. Texas
(Removed to this sacred spot by her husband for her final resting place in Nov 1887.)

Source:  Tombstone Inscriptions, Choctaw County, Alabama
Compiled by Mary Ellen Tindle 1988
[Book is at DAR Library in DC]

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