Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Jamestown Cemetery

Submitted by: Lackey Stephens
Warsaw, Alabama

Rev. Henry Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson



(Consort of Henry Johnson)

I have been unable to trace the lineage of Henry Johnson. His grave, and Elizabeth’s, are enclosed with a chain link fence. Mr. Tommy Rogers said a lady from Batesville, Ms. had it done several years ago.

Graves were enclosed in an ornate wrought iron fence with a gate carrying the name J.B. ALLGOOD. The fencing had been torn down over the years by cattle or vandals. All the iron work that has been recovered was buried under six to eight inches of soil and located with a metal detector. Hopefully enough of the fence will be found to resurrect at least a portion to indicate the original plot.

Darthula D. Allgood

1/30/1826 1/31/1826? I think her death date was recorded in error. She appears on the 1850 Sumter County, Al. Census as the wife of Jefferson Barnett Allgood, age 24. She died before 1860. Her maiden name was Darthula JONES. She married Jefferson Barnett Allgood in Sumter County, Al. on May 24, 1842. Parents undetermined.

Blake Baker Allgood
7/14/1842 1/4/1843 (Son of J.B. and Darthula Allgood)

James William Allgood
6/9/1845 9/11/1846 (Son of J.B. and Darthula Allgood)

Altazana Allgood
10/2/1846 7/8/1848 (Daughter of J.B. and Darthula Allgood)

Sterling Henry Allgood
4/7/1848 7/28/1849 (Son of J.B. and Darthula Allgood)

James W. Jones
(Probably a brother to Darthula (Jones) Allgood)

The Tartt graves are located adjacent to the Allgood plot.

Martha M. Tartt
7/27/1863 3/14/1880 ( Daughter of Cadmus Elnathan and Agnes M. (Beavers) Tartt)

Nannie A. Tartt
7/28/1864 3/4/1880 (Daughter of Cadmus Elnathan and Agnes M. (Beavers) Tartt)

Cadmus E. Tartt
12/23/1865 9/20/1866 (Son of Cadmus Elnathan and Agnes M. (Beavers) Tartt)

Located in Tartt plot area

Thomas Walter Beavers
8/12/1851 2/22/1880  

Susan E.S. Gattis

4/27/1834 1/22/1841  
Little George Stone
12/17/1860 11/11/1861 (Son of George W. and Nannie A. Stone)

Lizzie Stone
5/14/1862 7/6/1863 (Son of George W. and Nannie A. Stone)

John Houston
1/10/1800 12/6/1849 ( Born in Jones County, North Carolina)

Hamilton Houston
12/12/1833 2/18/1860 ( Probably the son of John Houston)
Died of typhoid fever

The following graves have been located since the original survey

Minerva Baker

Sarah Catherine Nichols

(Daughter of D.D. and S.C. Nichols)
Ann Eliza Renfrow
3/7/1860 Aged 33 years
Wife of H.P. Renfrow

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