Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Elliott Cemetery

Submitted by: Anita Winstead
From Hwy. 17 turn west on Road 12 then right on Frank Dial Road.  The cemetery is on the right.

Keady R. Elliott

7/18/1901 7/16/1985  
Henry M. Elliott

6/4/1894 12/5/1937  
Margaret Bond Elliott

3/9/1870 9/10/1946  
William Melancthon Elliott

2/8/1861 1/9/1919  
Infant Son of W.M. & M.E. Elliott

?/25/1897 7/2?/1897 (This marker is broken but has been put back together.)

Susan E.

4/7/1896 7/14/1896 Daughter of W.M. & M.E. Elliott
Infant Daughter of W.M. & M.E. Elliott

1889 1889 (The dates were illegible.)
Elizabeth Jane

11/16/1826 2/14/1893 (b. Hanover County, NC)
Wife of J.K. Elliott
John Knox Elliott

3/9/1813 2/13/1892 (b. Pulaski, TN)
Annie M.

3/18/1863 10/23/1878 Daughter of J.K. & J.E. Elliott
John Luther

5/28/1859 9/21/1878 Son of J.K. & E.J. Elliott
Three graves that were either unmarked or the markers had been broken.


3/25/1898 10/16/1898 Daughter of J.A. & R.B. Elliott

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