Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County

This list was taken from GNIS mapping service.
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Cemeteries City/Town Photos
Arrington Cemetery Brewersville  
Bell Cemetery Emelle  
Beulah Cemetery
Off Site
Black Bluff Cemetery
Blann Cemetery
Off Site 
Boney Cemetery (formerly Liberty Church Cemetery)
Off Site
Boyd Cemetery Boyd  
Brewersville Cemetery updated! Brewersville  
Brown Cemetery Epes West  
Cagus Cemetery York  
Campbell Cemetery Gaston  
Central Cemetery Emelle  
Chestnut Grove Cemetery York
Clay Memorial Cemetery Cuba  
Cokes Chapel Cemetery
Off Site

Coody Cemetery
Off Site
Danner Cemetery
Danner Cemetery Boyd  
Davidson Cemetery Ward  
Dug Hill Cemetery Brewersville  
Dulls Cemetery Whynot  
Elliott Cemetery Boyd  
Elmwood Memorial Estates Boyd  
Eskeridge Pettigrew Cemetery Epes West  
Friendship Cemetery Bellamy  
Gibbs Cemetery Tamola  
Giles Cemetery Cuba  
Hargrove Cemetery Warsaw  
Harris Cemetery Epes West  
Hawkins Cemetery Epes East  
Henagan Cemetery Epes West  
Hicks Cemetery Bellamy  
Home Mission Cemetery York  
Houpt Cemetery McDowell  
Houston Cemetery Livingston  
Hutchenson Cemetery Emelle  
Jamestown Cemetery Warsaw  
Johnson Cemetery Livingston  
Lamking Memorial Church
submitted by: Vivian Johnson
Lee Cemetery
Epes West  
Lewis Cemetery Epes West  
Livingston Memorial Gardens Livingston  
May Cemetery Epes East  
Maye Cemetery Brewersville  
McCainville Cemetery Epes West  
McElroy Cemetery York  
McInnis Cemetery Epes West  
Millville Cemetery Boyd  
Morning Star Cemetery Kewanee  
Mount Gilead Cemetery Cuba yes
Mount Herman Cemetery Boyd  
Mount Tabor Cemetery Coatopa  
Mount Zion Cemetery Whynot  
Myrtlewood Cemetery Livingston  
Nebo Cemetery Brewersville  
New Bethel Cemetery Gainesville  
New Prospect Cemetery Brewersville  
Odd Fellows Cemetery
The survey of the
Odd Fellows Cemetery in Gainesville is found in the Pickens County Cemetery Book. Obviously a gross error. So anyone who wants this complete survey can find it there.
W. Lackey Stephens

Old Belmont Cemetery Belmont  
Old Cemetery Gainesville  
Old Mount Olive Cemetery Boyd  
Old Providence Baptist Church Cemetery
Old Side Cemetery Emelle  
Palestine Cemetery McDowell  
Parker Cemetery Epes West  
Payne Cemetery
There is a sign for it on the Frank Dial Road.  We found two ladies who knew about the cemetery.  We were told it is on private land and the owner doesn’t live in Boyd anymore.  One of the ladies told us that there weren’t any markers left due to time and loggers.  The other one told us that she thought some of the markers were still standing since she had been to it and had seen some from the 1800s.  Do you know anything about this cemetery?
Anita Winstead

Phares Cemetery Brewersville  
Pine Grove Cemetery Ward  
Pine Top Cemetery McDowell  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery Panola  
Potts Cemetery Livingston  
Reeds Chapel Cemetery
Off Site
Rocks Chapel Cemetery
Roy Cemetery Emelle  
Shamburger Cemetery Whynot  
Shearon Cemetery
Off Site
Shiloh Cemetery
Epes West  
Shorts Baptist Cemetery
Off Site
Siloam Baptist Church Cemetary
submitted by: Melanie Dulaney
Souls Chapel Cemetery Geiger  
Sumter Memorial Gardens York  
Taylor Cemetery McDowell  
Unnamed Cemetery Jackin
Walker Cemetery Brewersville  
Watts Cemetery Panola  
Woods Cemetery York  
York Municipal Cemetery York  

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