Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
A Letter to his wife

Newton Station, Mississippi August 30, 1863

My dear wife I again write to inform  you of my condition. I have the great pleasure to stat to you that I am on the gaining hand and feel pretty sharp. I have missed the fever for several days and if I  don't take it any more I will soon be all right in a few days. I have not been clear of the fever and chills many days. Sometimes I am up and some times down. I am still at the hospital at Newton and am faring very well better than any other hospital I know of. I get plenty to eat and a good and comfortable bed to ly on. I have not received any letters from you yet. This makes three and no answer to none of them. I still live in hopes of getting one before long. I look every day but look in vain but maybe I will get one before many days God grant that I may for I never wanted to hear from you as bad in my life. Nothing in this world could afford me much real pleasure than to hear from you, only to hear that peace was made and all of us on the way home to stay these the balance of our lives. I don't  think that I shall ever want to leave home again during life if so very fortunate as to get home alive. There is some talk of furloughs being granted maybe my time will come soon time these are.....................home on furlough from the army now only two..................they don't furlough any of the sick from here. I want you to write to me whether you are making anything this year or not or whether your father got the chance to rent out my land or how about it give all the particulars. Let me know all about what you are doing and how you are getting along and how they talk about the war. There is a great rejoicing at the negro exemption being done away with and there is talk that the substitute bill will be done away with. God grant that it may I don't want rich men to hide their negras behind my bayonet.............. I want you to write to me where Brother Wesley is and when you heard from him and how he was when last heard form. O want to know whether Benson is gone to war and if gone what regiment he is in company and all about it. I send my respects to conexion and enquiring friends and close by sayin God Bless you all. May he guide, guard, and direct you through these trying times. I mean you to tell them all to write to me............

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