Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
D. H. Campbell letter to his wife

Camp near Newton, Mississippi, August 11, 1863

Dear wife:

It is with pleasure that I address you these few lines in order that you may know where and how I am. I am with my company at the above named place. We struck camp at this place after the retreat from Jackson. I am not well at the present time. I have been sick for a long time........................fever. I tried the hospital until I thought that I was ready for duty but after I returned to the camp, I found that I was unfit for duty consequently I have been lying here without a tent exposed to the weather for several days and sick besides. I hope when you receive this you and family may be blessed with good health. I am very anxious to hear from you as I have not received a letter from you in six months. I hope you will write soon. Direct your letters to me Co. D. 40th Alabama Regiment Ectons Brigade, Newtons Mississippi. I have no news of interest to write. The health of this portion of the regiment is very good at the present time. We camped in a healthy portion of the country. We have a plenty good water which is one thing we have not had since we left Mobile. Accept for yourself and family my sincere and devoted love, your affectionate and devoted husband.

D.H. Campbell

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