Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
D. H. Campbell letter to his family

Newton Station, Mississippi July 22, 1863

My dear wife and children:

I have once more taken the opportunity of  writing to you to inform you how I am getting along. I still continue to mend and if I get no back set will be all right again in a short time. I have not received any letter from you since I have been here. I have sent you one from here with five dollars in money and four postage stamps. I hope you have you have got them all safely though I have received no letter to that effect. As you have no doubt heard, Vicksburg has fallen and the loss we have had , we loss forty thousand stand of arms and 55 cannons and twenty seven thousand men the country is full of them throught here to make their way home. General Johnston is falling back and will leave this place in a few days I think to some other place the opinion is we will go to Alabama to what place we will go we don't know. Some say to one place and some to another but we will have to go somewhere or we will see the Yankees one of these days. The army is between us and them yet and when they come along we will leave I think about 4 days will wind up our stay here. I want you to write to me and gibe me all the news in that country hoping this may find you all in the finest health I close by saying God bless you all. Give my respects to enquiring friends.

D.H. Campbell

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