Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
D. H. Campbell letter to Elizabeth Cambell

April 19, 1863

My dear companion:

I am anxious to hear from you this leves me well. We have had terrible march up and down deer creek and rolling fork after the Yankees we took the .............mud and water like other stock wading and we came in contact with the enemy time and again and have heard the bullets and guns and can hear booms and shels fall all around. I feel that the providence of  God has spared me and ye to hope of going home and seeing you and the little ones again. Deer done pray for me that I may have grace to bear me safe thru the war and that my happy return may not be far distant till I can see you again. We live with out tents or anything of the kind, we get plenty to eat hear. Dear Love write soon as this come to hand and let me know how you are making out for a living. The Yankees burnt up everything where they mills fodder dwellings killed stock and everything as they came to it. They dun a great dale of damage in this country. We are between Yazoo and the Mississippi Rivers. Direct your letters as before. Dear Love don't think hard of my not writing for I can't get paper. Tell all the connection howdy for me, kiss the baby. Tell Martha to be a good little girl. Tell George to be a good little boy. I must close.

D.H. Campbell to Elizabeth Cambell

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