Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Martha Cherry's Last Will and Testament

Submitted by: Sylvia Dees

Sumter Co, AL
Will Bk Vol 3; pg 115

Martha Cherry
Last Will and Testament
Probated Sept 30th 1884
Recorded Oct 1st 1884

Sumter County Alabama November 15th 1883, I, Martha Cherry of the aforesaid County and State being of sound mind and in full procession of my senses do hereby make this my last will and testament.  I leave all my property after the payment of my debts, to Mrs. Eliza Cherry, wife of Henry Cherry, for her sole use and benefit and to be wholly and solely under her control.  I direct my executor to sell as much of my property as maybe necessary to pay my debts as soon as the law permits to pay said debts and be given  to Mrs. Eliza Cherry aforesaid, all the property left and any surplus that may be left of money.  I have an individual interested in a lot of cotton with Robins Winston, who has been farming with me and I give my executor power to sell such in trust, at private sale, if unsold at the time of my death.  I appoint Thomas W. Weden, executor of this my last will and testament and having confidence in his honesty, I do  not require him to give security as executor and give full power to act without doing so.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of November one thousand eight hundred and eighty three.

Will L. Washington
Walter R. Ballard

Martha X Cherry (seal)

The State of Alabama
Sumter County
Personally before me W. R. DeLoach
Judge of Probate Court in and for said county and state come Will L. Washington, a subscribing witness to the foregoing instrument of writing, who being duley sworn, deplores and says that one the 15th day of November GSF 1883, Martha Cherry while of sound and disposing mind and memory and over twenty-one years of age and residence of this county, signed and delivered the will and instrument of writing to be her last will and testament in the presents of affiant and the other subscribing witness; that affiant, the other subscribing witness, in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other, at request of said testator, Martha Cherry, signed therein name as such subscribing witness on the 13th day of November 1883.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 30th day of Sept A. D. 1884
W. R. DeLoach
Judge of Probate

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