Sumter County Alabama

Sumter County
Letter to Wife and Children from David H. Campbell

Camp Forney, November 1862 was at the top of the letter

State of Mississippi Meridian, December 8, 1863 was further down on the page.

Dear Wife and Children:
I sit myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well at time and hope to find you the same.  Elizabeth, ---------------- hard times for the ------------------ to take the --------------------and all and not much of that  and about a pound of beef a day to a man and hit so pore the -------------------- still to the pot and we can't hardly -------------------------- Elizabeth expect --------------------------- to war before long.  We don't know where we will to the ------- we ---------------- drop our guns --------------- then and started to --------------- and we don't know where -----------------------.
I received your letter of 12 of December and -------------------- and glad to hear from you and you wrote to me to come home at ------------------.
but can't come without -------------- comes to ---------------- I want you to content yourself the next year cause if I am fat and hardy and way 174 pounds and fee stout I am still -------------------------- in the name of my Lord and -------------------- didn't you.  For the Lord God is the maker of all things and I think I will go there and come home safe if I never see you no more on earth hope to meet you in heaven before parting -------------------------------.
hoping to hear from you soon.

This letter was badly water marked and we couldn't make out much of it.  He sounds so pitiful.
Submitted by Robert Lecil Cheatwood

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