1850 Census of Russell County, AL
transcribed by Dee Floyd-Pavey

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Cay, Augustus
Cay, Charles
Cay, Francis
Cay, Henry
Cay, Jepe
Cay, Jepi
Cay, Louisa
Cay, Louisa
Ellis, Jepi
Forsyth, Andrew
Forsyth, Byrd
Forsyth, Elizabeth
Forsyth, James
Forsyth, Jane
Forsyth, Marica
Forsyth, Martha
Forsyth, Martha
Forsyth, Martha
Forsyth, Robert
Forsyth, William
Harbor, Andrew
Harbor, John L,
Harbor, Martha
Harbor, Mary E.
Harbor, William H.
Harris, Alexander W.
Harris, Birdy H.
Harris, Francis V.
Harris, Jane F.
Harris, Jeptha A.
Harris, Robert B.
Harris, Sarah
Harris, Stapleton L.
Harris, Thomas B.
Harris, Walton B.
Harris, Walton K.
Haws, John
Haws, Mitchell
Haws, Richard
Haws, Thomas
Haws, William
Howell, Catherine
Howell, William
Lanier, Henry M.
Lanier, Mary H.
Lanier, Olivia H.
Morrison, *BLANK*
Morrison, Caroline E.
Morrison, John S.
Morrison, Mary
Morrison, Willie
Murry, Elizabeth
Murry, Esther
Murry, George
Murry, James
Reynolds, Allison
Reynolds, Ella
Reynolds, Ellen
Reynolds, Harriet
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Uriah
Schneider, Albert
Schneider, Charles
Schneider, Edward
Schneider, Henry
Schneider, Mariah
Schneider, William
Townsend, Angeline
Townsend, Lucinda
Townsend, Mary
Townsend, Sarah
Townsend, Sarah C.
Townsend, William W.
Wacasa, Francis
Wacasa, George
Wacasa, Poline
Wacasa, Sophronia
Whithurst, Augustus
Whithurst, Bartly
Whithurst, Francis M.
Whithurst, Georgia A.
Whithurst, Osburn M.
Whithurst, Sarah
Whithurst, Washington B.