An Early History of Pickens County and Croxton's Raid into Pickens County

The information on this page consists of transcriptions of taped presentations recorded in 1986 on Early Pickens County History for Randy Hamilton, then a Fourth Grade Student at Pickens Academy, Carrollton, Alabama and 1990 on War Between the States to the Pickens County Historic Society

Transcribed in 2002 by Dr. Scott Owens from copies of the original audio tapes Provided by Mrs. Brenda Bailey, Aliceville, Alabama

Original Tapes remain in possession of Randy Hamilton, Gordo, Alabama and the Pickens County Historic Society Additional information and corrections concerning this page should be directed to your hosts, Betty Miller and Betty Phillips.

Early History of Pickens County, Alabama,
Croxton's Raid into Pickens County,
Women of Pickens County, Alabama, in the War Between the States

Early History of Pickens County - includes Carrollton, Early Settlers, Pickensville, Wilson's Raid, After the War, John L. Hunnicutt, Sidney Bonner, John Herbert Kelley, Willett Wilbourn, Early Schools, the Good Old Days, Interesting Places, River towns, Memphis, Fairfield, Vienna, Old Homes and Buildings, Early Alabama History, Lesser Villages, River Commerce, The Eliza Battle Disaster, The Thompson Murders, Sheriffs of Pickens County.

Pickens County in the War Between the States - Croxton's Raid, The Leach-Carpenter Wedding, Federal Incursion into Pickens County, Sidney Swamp-Romulus Skirmish, Distruction of the Courthouse, Women of Pickens County in the War, and an Ode to Confederate Women.

Mrs. Catherine P. Spell - the person that granted the interviews.

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