This information came from the Share Cropper's Records of the grandparents of Louis T. Wells, Samuel and Stella Wells. A lot of the names are that of former slaves and their families. The information should be a good source for the African American families who are researching their ancestors. If you have additions or corrections to the information on this page please contact either Betty Miller or Betty Phillips. Questions about the content of the transcriptions should be directed to the transcriber, Louis T. Wells.

The following are names that appear in the sharecropping ledgers of my grandparents, Samuel and Stella Wells. The farms were around Buttermilk Road, Pickens County, Alabama, quite near Columbus, Mississippi. The area was called Tabernacle Community, I believe. The ledgers seem generally to show transactions, particularly advances of food, snuff, or whatever, and repayment. Many of the entries are dated, but not all. I have two ledgers, but I suspect that there was once a third ledger for the period between these two. I hope that these are useful to someone.

First Ledger (about 1902-1913) The spellings are the best I can do with the handwriting (? indicates particular uncertainty). Moreover, my grandfather didn't learn to read and write until he married; spelling never became a great strength! You may have to use a little imagination!

Bet Miller
Bob McGill
George Henry
? Nash (not clear)
Will Glen
Willy Randall
Russ (?) Mills
Bill Henry
Bob Williams
Bud Waire
Tom Haris [sic]
Louis Haden
John Roisiter (?)
Joe Carthert (?)
Joe Hinch (Hinck?)
Frank Stinson
Willet Lawrence (?)
James Crothers
Richard Davis
James Smith
Jarret SMith
Emar Lawrence (?)
James Mullen (also spelled Mulins)
Jeff Davis (?)
Henry Stinson
(?) H. Henry

Second Ledger (last entry 1935)

Morris Spruill (loose note in ledgers)
Hay Halin

Timber transactions:

Ralph Coster (Carter?)
Jim Fields
Jim Sheltan(?)
G Youngblood
M.N. Franks
T.K. Wells
Walter McGill
Clarence Stokes
Brice Re (?)
Fannie Woods
Jim Shelton
T.K. Wells Lumber Co.
G.C. Joyner
C.S. Atkins
R.F. Odom and Son
Dr. Leon Ellis

Back to usual ledger entries:

Joe Caruthers
Jeff Gl a(?)
Richard Davis
Henry Stimson
Jeff Davis
Russ Mills
Frank Stimson
Will Gibson
Tom Burgin
Jerry Crouthers (probably same as Caruthers)
Tom Burgan
Bill Henry
Will Mulins
James Mulins
(?) Atkins
Robert Frasier
Clay(?) Lawrence
Mary Raney
Sal (?) Gardner
Mr. Sheperd
Garden Walker (name or description?)
Joe Mulins
Joe Gardner
Henry Henry
Joe Gardner
Anderson Youngblood
J. A. Youngblood
(note inserted from W.H. Storey, Supt., County Board of Education, on allowing "colored children" to be taught at McBee school house for whites)
last entry: January 18, 1935, illegible, just before Samuel Wells' death

The following names appear in Ledger 1, pages 195+. They have dollar figures after them and it is not clear what is being reported. I do not believe that they are sharecropper transactions:

Ernest Shackelford, J.H. Caldwell, Elly Randall, John Rowe, Mrs. Shirley, Will Harris, Prun Hinds, J. J. Ellis, Will Hudgins, George Hudgins, Henry Kidd, Wil Spruill, Peter Bill, R. E. L. Wharton, Walter Caldwell (Caldwill?), How (?) Kemp, J. L. Milewr, J. H. Caldwell, )?) Hurd, Mrs. Andy Hall, Frank Bell (Bill?), Sam Johnson, E.S. Joyner, Frank Caine, Gurley Hull, Marcellus Lawrence, Raymond Bennett, William Jewell, Mrs. Cummings, Bob McGill, Ida Mirrah (?), James Wood, Will Davis, Dock Brown, J.W. Brown, (?) M. Locke,
Mrs. Julie Coleman, Noah Harley, Pink Miller, Charlie Miller, J.J. Ellis (?).

Frank Preston Ridmore (Pridmore?), Preston Pridmore, John Haywood, John Holdbert, Walter Samsing (?), Janes Sansing, J.N. Bell, Jack Franks, B. Bell (Bill?)

Ira B. Sharp, Buck Sharp, Henry Pridmore, Lee Gee, Walter Lavinder, W. H. Sory, John P. Simpson, Joe Hughs, Wm Wharton, (?) Lavender, Ida Murrah, Will Shackelford, Jacob Raney, Louis Shiort, Jeff Coleman, Asch Coleman, J.B. Johnson, John Kemp, Allen More, Charley Stanley, P.W. Sharp, Liggie Henry, January Latham, R.B. Miller, Landon Shelton, Leander Porter, Rube Duncan, Joe Haywood, Walter Wilcox, Frank Thornbrough, Phill Lanier, N.M. Spruill, Joe Fields, John Rowe, John Streety (?), R. N. Sory, Thomas Hayes (Mayes?), Joseph Jehrtry (?), () A. Stinson, Ramsey Lavender, Callie (?) Hearen (?). W.H. Story, D. (?) Holdcomb, Louis Randall, Jerry Nash, Tom (?) Alexander, Irwin Leech, Clarence Cox, Rafe (?) Neal, E.S. Randall, Bob Beatty, Mrs Simposon, R.N. Story, Joe Spruill, Fred Ferguson, Clarance Ma(?)

Jack Stewart, Belton (?) Brown, Levi Price, W.M. Cash, Felix (?) Adams, Bud Ponds, W.B. Brown, Morris Gee, Edgar Harris, Skinner Williams, P. A. (BA?) Youngblood, W. B. (illegible), A. (C.?) R. Mc Dougal, Jess Phillips, (?) Wilcox, George McPellar (Rellar?), Bilton Marrah , Rufus Pridmore, May Henry, W. S. Calvin, John Halbut (Halbert?), Mrs. Ellis, Raman (?) Benit, Neal Bigby, William Shackelford, L.H. Owens, Ras Right

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