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Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Later Lived in Pickens County, AL

From U. S. Pension List of 1834. These Pensions began March 3, 1831.

MAYFIELD CRANE - Private in South Carolina State Troops. Born in North Carolina, moved to District 96 South Carolina when a child with his parents; then to Rutherford County North Carolina, then back to South Carolina where he served in the Revolutionary War in 3 different tours with South Carolina Troops. After the war he moved to Pickens County, Alabama where he lived 16 years; moved to Jefferson County, Alabama 1837-1837, then to Mississippi

THOMAS HARPER - Private age 76 in 1834. Born in Lancaster County, PA., January 2, 1758; enlisted in the 3rd. PA Regiment, March 1, 1777; was in Burks County, PA during the Revolution; then to Monroe County North Carolina; then to Lincoln County, Tennessee; to Mississippi, then to Pickens County, Alabama where he lived 12 years.

FREEMAN JONES - Private age 71 in 1834. Born in Virginia in 1763. Served under Capts. Neville, Lytle, Whiteside; Cols. Hampton and Armstrong. He came from North Carolina to Pickens County, Alabama. He died in 1835. Served in Virginia Continental Line. Information taken from D.A.R. Vol 115, page 14.

THOMAS LOFTON - Private age 73 in 1834. Served as Sgt. and Captain in South Carolina troops. Acts of S.C. Vol 3 page 106. "South Carolina in the Revolution" by Ervin, page 119 list of Revolutionare War soldiers - to Alabama Thomas Loftin. He came to Pickens County, Alabama in 1828 from Pendleton District, South Carolina. In Alabama the young people of his neighborhood called him "Grandsire Lofton" and loved him for his kind and genial disposition; many remembered his interesting stories of the War. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and is buried at "Bethesda Presbyterian" churchyard near Benevola. No stone marks his grave, he died May 28, 1840. He had 2 children.

JOHN MANGUM - Privage age 71 in 1834. Served in South Carolina Militia. He was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, January 19, 1763. When he enlisted he lived in Newberry District South Carolina. He removed to Warren County, Ohio in 1805 where he resided until 1815, from thence he removed to Saint Clair County, Illinois and in 1823 or 1824 removed to Pickens County, Alabama. He married Rebecca ????

ANDREW PHILLIPS - Private age 75 in 1834. Served in North Carolina Continental Line; received 640 acres of land for 84 months service. See North Carolina Records Vol 16 page 1133. He was born in Orange County, Virginia, moved to Pickens County, Alabama 1823-24. Lived in Hillsboro District, North Carolina.

CULLIBER CLEMENTS - was a partisan soldier under General Marion in South Carolina. Came to Tuscaloosa 1818 then to Pickens County 1819. Had a son, Jesse Clements. He died 1840. Was maternal grandfatherof Dr. F. B. Wilson of Pickens County.

JOHN JOHNSON - Private Annual Allowance $30.66. He was born January 2, 1762 in Halifax County, North Carolina. In 1782 he was a resident of Rowan County, North Carolina. He removed to Rutherford County, Tennessee after the Revolution and later to Lawrence County, Alabama. He was living in Pickens County in 1836.

THOMAS McDEARMAN - He was born June 12, 1752 in Anson County, North Carolina. He was 82 in 1834. Annual allowance $34.44. When he entered the service he was residing near the Cherw Hills in South Carolina. After the war he resided in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. He was residing in Pickens County, Alabama, December 11, 1833 and in Lauderdale County, Mississippi July 12, 1839.

ISHAM GURLEY - He was denied a pension as he served less than 6 months. Born Johnston County, North Carolina January 13, 147. Isham Gurley received land in Pickens County, July 18, 1836. In 1830 the census records of Pickens County, Alabama showed the following: Isham Gurley, Sr., 1 male, 70-80, 1 female, 70-80; Isham Gurley, Jr., 1 male, 05; 1 female 05; 1 male, 15-20; 2 female, 5-10; 1 male, 30-40; 1 female, 10-15; and 1 female, 30-40. Isham Gurley, Jr. married Sarah Smith, born Jan 17, 1798.

OBADIAH HOOPER - was born Lunenburg County, Virginia, December 15, 1755, enlisted October 1775, was Life Guard to LaFayette. Married March 24, 1805 to Sarah B. daughter of Moses Saunders in Franklin County, Georgia. Annual allowance $42.00. Widow applied for a pension July 7, 1838.

ROBERT COZBY - died October 7, 1825 at Trianna.

MARSHALL FANKS - Private, born in 1752 in Charlotte County, Virginia. He volunteered in the fall of 1775 and served 1 month as a private in Cpt. James Williams Company, Col. Robert McCrary's South Carolina Regiment. In 1779 he served 3 months as a private in Capt. James Williams South Carolina Regiment and was in the battle of Brier Creek. He served 3 months about the time of the fall of Charleston as a private in Capt. Charles Sextion or Saxon's Company, Col. mcCrary's South Carolina Regiment;n ext served for 3 months as a private in Capt. Lewis Duvall's Company, Col. Levi Chasey's South Carolina Regiment and was in the seige of Ninety-six. On Sept. 24 1781 he was commissioned 2nd. Lt. in Capt. Lewis Duvall's Company, Col. Joseph Hayes South Carolina Regiment. He lived in 96 District South Carolina and in 1775 removed to Giles County, Tennessee, and after the Revolution he moved to Pickens County, Alabama.

JACOB ODOM - Private age 72 in 1834 served in North Carolina Malitia. He was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina in 1760, died 1835 in Pickens County, Alabama.

JOEL VAUGHAN - Private, age 95 in 1834. Testified in Pickens County 1833 that he had served in North Carolina Continental Line. Had annual allowance of $48.32 had received $144.96.

GEORGE WIGGINGTON - Private age 72 in 1834. Born January 17, 1762 in Kershaw District, South Carolina. He served as a private for 9 months. When he first enlisted he lived in Burke County, GA. but early in 1778 he removed to Laurens District, South Carolina. In December 1819 he moved to St. Clair County, Ala. and from 1830 to 1841 he lived in Pickens County.

PETER WILLIAMS - Private, born in October 1756. He was living about 25 miles from Augusta, Georgia when he volunteered and served at different times for 15 months as a private in the Georgia Troops. He lived in Georgia until after the Revolutionary War except for about six months spent in Pendleton District, South Carolina. About 1817 he moved to Pickens County, Alabama.

MEREDITH TAYLOR - Age 78 in 1834. Lived with James Bonner. His Private Service was not shown. Annual allowance $46.66. Transferred from South Carolina. Pansion Book State Branch Bank, Mobile. He lived in Pickens County, June 1, 1840 with family of Bonner. Buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Church. Born in North Carolina near the Virginia line from which place his father moved to South Carolina; in 1833 hemoved to Alabama. At the age of 16 he entered the American Forces as a substitute for his father under General Green, engaged in battle of Eutaw Springs.

RICHARD TALIAFERRO - Captain in Infantry. In 1841, his widow, Mildred, received a pension on his service, her age in 1841 was 72. She lived with John A. Taliaferro.

JAMES ROGERS - Age in 1841, 80. He was born July 2, 1760 in Culpepper County, Virginia. He was drafter in January 1777 and served for 3 months with Virginia troops under Lt. John Combs. Volunteered in 1778 Farquier County, Virginia but moved to what was then called "New Virginia" when he was 24 years of age. Moved to Servier County, Tennessee in 1811. Moved to Limestone County, Ala. and after 17 years he returned to Tennessee and 4 years later returned to Alabama settling in Pickens County. In 1842 he was living in Mississippi 70 miles from his former residence in Pickens County, Alabama.

JAMES GALASBY (GILLESPY) - Served in the Infantry head of his family in 1840.

JAMES BLAIR (1761-1839) - received a pension for service as a private, orderly sergeant, ensign and Indian spy in the North Carolina troops. He was born in August County, Virginia; died in Pickens County, Alabama. See D.A.R. Lineage Vol. 155 page 74.

??? WILSON - The paternal grand-father of Dr. B. F. Wilson came from Tennessee to Tuscaloosa with his son, William in 1818. Wilson was at Guilford Court House battle see Vol 6, page 673 Alabama Historical Quarterly.

JAMES McCRORY (1750-1840) - Ensign. Annual allowance from pension $240.00. Had received by 1834 $2,160.00. Place on Pension roll June 13, 1829. Served in the 9th. Regiment of the North Carolina Continental Line. He was born in Ireland. He is named on 1841 Pension list as age 82 living with Robert McCrory. He died in Pickens County November 24, 1840 and was buried at "Old Betheny" (Primitive Baptist Church) near Vienna, with his inscription on stone: "In memory of James McCrory who died at age 82 years, 6 months and 9 days. The deceased was a soldier of the Revolutionary War and was at the battles of germantown, brandywine and Guilford Court House. He was one of George Washington's body guards at Valley Forge and he served his Country faithfully during that was. Peace to the soldier's dust."

(transcribed from an old microfilm document obtained via inter-library loan)

John Johnson

Born in Halifax County, North Carolina, January 2, 1762, and died Pickens County, Alabama. Served in the Revolution 3 months as a private in Capt. Abram DeMoss's Co., under Col. Benjamin Cleveland in North Carolina Regiment. He enlisted in 1782, received Pension #30,782. He left Rowan Co., N.C. to Rutherford Co., Tenn, then to Lauderdale Co., Ala., and to Pickens Co., Ala in 1836.

James B. McCrory, Revolutionary Soldier

Hero of the War of Independence is buried in Old Bethany cemetery, near Aliceville, Pickens County, in Alabama.

James McCrory was born May 15, 1753 at Larga, on the river Bann, in the county of Antrim, Ireland. He sailed from Belfast in 1775, when he was 17 years old and landed at Balitmore, July 1, of the same year. In 1776 he settled in Guilford County, North Carolina. Records of the Twenty-seventh Congress, February 4, 1843 states he was a Sergeant in Capt. Cooke's Company of the Ninth Regiment; enlisted 15th day of April 1776 for the term of three years. On the 2nd. day of May 1777 he was promoted to Ensign and was taken prisoner for four months at Wilmington and then paroled.

He was place on Pension Roll, June 13, 1829.

He came to Alabama while it was yet a Territory. Tract Book of Pickens County states he received deed in Section 36, Township 24 Range 2 West on October 10, 1836. Made his home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the last 25 years of his life and was buried in the old Betheny Cemetery, between Aliceville and Pleasant Ridge in Pickens County, Alabama.

The old church was later abandoned and town down, but the cemetery remained. Nearby his grave is a small marble slab which marks the grave of his wife, Jane who died January 1840. The cemetery is surrounded by an iron fence and was fairly well cared for. A granson was living near Emelle, in Sumter County, Alabama in 1832 and owned his grandfather's Bible, which was printed in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1813, and recorded the McCrory family back to 1750.

(transcribed from an old microfilm document obtained via inter-library loan)

George Wiginton, Revolutionary Was Soldier

courtesy of Mrs. E. C. Wiginton, Birmingham, Alabama

Copy from George Wiginton's Pension Record S 32, 600. Certificate #25,816. Application statement made by him 1833 in Pickens County. Pensioned by the Alabama Agency. Age 71 when he applied for the pension.

Born: Kersaw District, South Carolina, January 17, 1762. Later lived in Burke County, Georgia. Entered service of the Revolutionary War, Sept. 1777 from Burke County, Georgia. Served four months on Ogechee River in Burke County, Ga. During the whole term of service with the Georgia Troops under Capt. Joshua Inman and Col Twigg. Early in 1778 he removed to Laurens District, South Carolina. In autumn of same year he again entered the service as a volunteer under Dapt. John Burns for protection against the Cherokee Indians and Tories; two months for this service.

In December 1780, still a resident of Laurens District, S.C. he again entered as a volunteer under Capt. Lewis Duvall; served three months; was in the battles of Cowpens and Jones Mill in Union, S.C.; conveyed prisoners to Salisburg. After the Revolutionary War, he removed to Greenville District, S.C. in 1793. He removed from Greenville District, S.C. to Madison County, Ala. in Dec. 1817. Thence in 1819 to St. Clair Co., Ala. In Dec. 1830 he removed to Pickens Co., Ala. Moved to Monroe Co., Miss. in 1840 or 1841 to live with his sons. In 1841 he applied forhis pension to be sent to him in Madison Co., Miss. as he had sold his land in Ala.

From the National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C. The last pension payment for George Wiginton is in the file of the Second Comtroller's Office, Treasury Department, dated June 6, 1845, that this veteran had been paid to March 4, 1844. There is no information of this document concerning the Veteran's wife.

From Department of State, Atlanta, Georgia. "The Records show that in 1787, Charles Wigginton and George Wigginton received Headright Grants in Burke County, Georgia."

U. S. Census Records 1790 Abbeville County, South Carolina, page #58: George Wigginton, 1 male, under 10, 1 male, 10-16, 2 females.

U. S. Census for 1800 Greenville District, Sough Carolina: George Wiginton, 2 males, under 10; 3 males 10-16, 1 male, 26-45; 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-45.

From Court Records of Greenville County, South Carolina: December 30, 1799 Book F, page 69, George Wigginton bought land from Pleasant Parker, Witnesses: Richard and John Young. October 6, 1801 George Wigginton witnesses to sale of land to John Wigginton. Book F page 302. Book 1 page 514, July 29, 1816 George Wigginton sold to Elijah Warren of Madison County, Mississippi Territory, plantation of 175 on North fork of Saluda river. Witnesses: John R. McCu8rley, James C. Warren. Note: George Wiginton moved to Madison County, Mississippi Territory in 1817.

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