The information in this section was transcribe from old microfilm records. These records had many sources, all of whom are not know by this transcriber. I have combined church and cemetery records together where there are churches and cemeteries of the same name. This does not necessarily mean that the cemetery is located close to that particular church. Anyone having additional information that they would like to share or contribute to this section is encouraged to contact our hosts, Betty Miller and Betty Phillips. Any corrections or additions to these records will be added as submitter's notes and none of the information in the original transcribed documents will be changed or altered from their original state; that is not to say that I will not change typographical or transcribing errors, this will cheerfully done as time permits.


Methodist Church of Alice, Pickens County, Alabama.

Bethesda Presbyterian Church and Bethesda Cemetery, Route 2, Pickens County, Alabama

Big Creek Baptist Church, organized at Enon and moved to Aliceville.

Mt. Olivet Presbyterian Church, located about 16 miles west of Tuscaloosa in the Davidson Settlement.

Oak Grove Presbyterian Church and Franconia Cemetery (also known as Oak Grove Cemetery) at Franconia, near Aliceville.

First Presbyterian Church of Reform, Pickens County, Alabama. Also includes some information from the Reform Cemetery.

Baptist Church of Carrollton, Pickens County, Alabama.


New Bethany Cemetery

Old Cemetery in Woods

Union Chapel Cemetery

Pilgrims Rest

Garden Cemetery

Unity Cemetery

Stansel Cemetery

Creek Cemetery

Hargrove Cemetery

Friendship Cemetery

Hebron Cemetery

Salem Cemetery, Gordo, Route #2.

Liberty Cemetery, Route #2, Gordo.

Private Cemetery, located off Hwy. 82 near Gordo.

Holly Springs Cemetery, Bostic Beat, Gordo, AL.

Chappell Cemetery

Arbor Springs Cemetery (NEW!)

Pleasaant Grove Cemetery (NEW!)

Chappell Cemetery

Mortuary Records of Pickens County, 1850

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