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41st. Alabama Infantry Regiment

The 41st. Alabama Infantry Regiment was commanded by Col. Henry Talbird and later Col. Martin Stansel had Co's B,C,D,I, and J (Pickens Greys) from Pickens Co., AL. It was organized in May 1862, fought throughout the war and surrendered at Appomattox, VA. April 9, 1865. For complete history of the 41st. go to K. Jones' Web Site.

42nd. Alabama Infantry Regiment

The 42nd. Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized and mustered into CSA service in Columbus, MS. in May, 1862 and was comprised of men from Pickens, Fayette, Marion, Monroe, Wilcox, Conecuh, Talladege and Mobile County, AL. After muster in Columbus, MS, the 42nd. was dispatched to Tupelo and then to its first battle at Corinth, MS. October 3-4, 1862. Throughout the remainder of the war, the 42nd. participated in many famous battles. It was captured at Vicksburg, MS. July 4, 1863, parolled and then reformed after prisoner exchange at Demoplis, AL. It was then sent to campaigns in Chattonooga, TN, Rescasa and Atlanta, GA. and finally surrendered after the battle of Tentonville, NC. in April 1865. For a complete history of the unit, the roster of personnel on May 16, 1862 in Columbus, MS. as well as the battles in which it participated, visit Ken Jones Website.

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42nd ALABAMA (Infantry)

This regiment was organized at Columbus, Miss, in May 1862, and was composed principally of men who re-organized in two or three instances as entire companies, after serving a year as the Second Alabama Infantry. The regiment joined Generals Price and VanDorn at Ripley in September, and was brigaded under Gen. John C. Moore of Texas. A month later the Forty-second went into the battle of Corinth with 700 men, and lost 98 killed and about 250 wounded and captured in the fighting at and near that place. It wintered in Mississippi, Moore's brigade being re-organized with the Thirth-seventh, Fortieth, and Forty-second Alabama, and Second Texas regiments. It was part of the garrison of Vicksburg, and lost 10 killed and about 50 wounded there, and the remainder captured at the surrender of the fortress. The Forty-second was in parole camp at Demopolis, then joined the Army of Tennessee. It fought with severe loss at Look-out and Mission Ridge, and wintered at Dalton. Gen. Baker of Barhour then took command of the brigade, which was in Clayton's (Stewart's) division, Polk's corps. In the spring the Forth-second fought at Ressen with a loss of 59 killed and wounded. It was then continually skirmishing till the battle of New Hope, where its loss was comparatively light, as it was at Atlanta the 22nd of July. On the 28th of July the loss was very heavy, and the ranks of the regiment were fearfully thinned by the casualties of battle. A few days later the regement was sent to Spanish Fort, where it remained on garrison duty during the fall, and till January 1865. I, then moved into North Carolina, and its colors floated in the thickest of the battle at Bentonville, and were furled at the capitulation of that army.


Colonels: John W. Portis of Clarke; wounded at Corinth; resigned. T.C. Lanier of Pickens; wounded at New Hope.

Lieutenant Colonels: Thomas C. Lanier; wounded at Corinth; promoted.

Majors: W.C. Fergus of Mobile; captured at Missionary Ridge.

Adivtants: Thomas J. Portis of Dallas; resigned. Thos. Gaillard of Mobile.


MONROE: George W. Foster; killed at Corinth. S.S. Gailard; resigned. D.W. Rankin.
PICKENS: Robert Best; died in the service. Robert K. Wells; killed at Atlanta. Burt Upchurch.
WILCOX: Wm D. McNeil; made lieutenant colonel of the consolidated regiments in North Carolina.
PICKENS: T.C. Mitchell; wounded at New Hope.
CONECUH: J.T. Brady; wounded at Lookout Mountain; resigned. ..... Hendrix.
FAYETTE: J.B. Perkins; resigned. Charles R. Labuzan.
TALLEDAGA: Aexander B. Knox; killed at Corinth. J.R. Stockdale.
MONROE: W. B. Kemp; resigned. E.G. Riley; wounded at Corinth; resigned. Geo. H. Gray; wounded at New Hope.
MOBILE: Charles Briggs; resigned. John W. Haley; died of wounds received at Corinth. R.C. Reeder.
MARION: ..... Condrey; wounded at Corinth. Lieut. Thomas Condrey commanded.

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