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Soldiers Named as Serving in War of 1812 and Later Lived in PickensCounty, AL

From Pension Roll of 1885.

DAVID BALLARD - Survivor of Carrollton, on roll December 1872. Certificate #19784. Received $8.00 per month.

LUCY DUNCAN - of Carrollton - widow- on roll November 1879 Cir. No. 27754.

DELILAH S. DUNCAN of Carrollton - widow - on roll July 1879 Cir. No. 25397.

MARY A HOLDER - widow of Carrollton, on roll April 1880 Cir. No. 29134

ELIAH WHATLEY of Carrolltion - Survivor - on Roll Jan 1872 Cir. No. 10657.

NANCY HESTER of Carrollton - widow - on roll November 1878 Cir. No. 11628.

MARY BAILEY of Carrollton - widow on roll September 1879 Cir. No. 26782.

MARY E. PLOTT of Carrollton - widow - on roll Feb. 1873, Cir. No. 1876.

ELISABETH JONES of Carrollton - widow - on roll Sept. 1879, Cir. No. 26639.

AVERY HUFF of Providence, Ala. survivor - on roll June 1873 Cir. No. 20864.

During the War of 1812, Alabama was still a part of the Mississippi Territory. General J. F. Claiborne announced a full quota of seven Regiments of voluntary enrollment.

The Brigade was ordered to Mt. Vernon, north of Mobile, Alabam "to repel any attack that may bem ade on any part of the frontier of the Mississippi Territory, either from the Indians, Spanish or English." These troops engaged in the Creek Indian War, and later fought the Spanish at Pensacola and the British at New Orleans.

From National Historical & Genealogical Society June 1955 page 61.

WILLIAM BOLTON of Pickens County, alabama - pension application received bounty land warrant #24,655 of 80 acres. Served as Private with James andJohn Cristman, who testifeied they wer in the same company.

WILLIAM WILSON - was in War of 1812. He was born in Moore County, North Carolina in 1794. He married 2nd, the widow of James Gunter and they had Dr. Benjamin F. Wilson who was born in Pickens County, Alabama on May 15, 1827.

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