4th Regiment, AL Volunteer Militia, Co.C, a/k/a "Wyatt Guards", 1862

Note: This listing of the "Wyatt Guards" was sent us by George C. Howell, Jr, in April 2001. He found the information in Archives in Montgomery. George Howell can be reached for your thanks and/or questions. ---
4th Regiment, Alabama Volunteer Militia
Company C
Muster Roll and Record of Events
March 22, 1862
George Clinton Howell Jr.
Montgomery, Alabama

This is a transcription of a photocopy of documents I found in the records
 of the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, Alabama
 in 2000.  The muster roll was in a box with other documents about this unit,
 and documents about the 4th Alabama Infantry (not the same unit).
  The other documents are two "record of events" transcribed here below after
 the muster roll.

The muster roll is handwritten on two legal-sized sheets.  The back of the
 second page has the note:
Wyatt Guards
Perry County
90 day volunteers

The front of the muster roll has two pages, with the names in two columns on
 the first page, and in one column on the second page.  It is transcribed
 here as best as possible,with all ranks and names given verbatim 
(with inconsistent punctuation), except for a few additions shown in
 parentheses ( ).  Uncertainties have a (?) which applies to the whole word.
  My gggrandfather (Private George Washington Howell) is here, next to his
 brother (James F. Howell), and with a cousin (Eugene R. Howell). 
 I hope you find someone you know.

Roll of the "Wyatt Guards" Capt. Howze
a company of 90 days volunteers from 
Marion Perry County to fill in past the
late requisition of the Governor of
Alabama for troops for coast defence.
March 22 1862

Capt. John Howze
1st Lieut. Charles C Crowe
2    "   Jno F Bondurant
2    "   Robt B Crowe
1st Sergt. Richd E Baker
2    "   Jelpe(?) B Lovelace
3    "   Wm A Cashin
4    "   Chas O Jones
5    "   David T Williamson
1st Corpl. Jas McL Shivers
2    "  Dr Wm Cole
3    "  Beverly B Walker
4    "  Eugene R Howell
Abbott Louis C
    "   Augustus T.
Arendall(?) Fran A.
Blackburn(?) Wm F
Boyles Edward F
Burroughs Byron
Brown Chas G.
Coddle Benj W.
Catlin(?) Geo W.
Cook John B.
Cranford(?) Wm C.
Cranford(?) Henry W.
Curry Jackson W.
(end of column 1, page 1)

(column 2)
Davis Wm G.
Dozier Dr Jno C.
Duke Newton M
Ford Wm M
   "   Alex P.
Florence James
Gayle James M
Givhan Wm J.
   "   Thos(?) A.
Griffin Newton(?) M.
Hartley Jelpe(?) A.
   "    David T.
   "    Talbird
Henan(?) Jno W.
   "   Melton S.
Hollifield Joel
Howell Geo W
   "   James F
Howze James A.
Hollis C D.
Jemison Henry S.
Jones Wm A.
Kelly Ira(?) A.
Lagrone David C.
Lebert(?) Octavius P.
Levrett(?) Henry C.
(end of column 2, page 1)
(page 2)
Lide David P.(?)
Love Jno W.
Loveland Charles E.
Mathews B F
   "   Edward
McEachin James
McEachin Pat H.
McElroy James R.
MclpKelly(?) John
McLaughlin Saml G Jr
Moore Aden(?) T
   "   John C
Neeley David D
Nichols Lysander
Perry Dr(?) Saml.
   "   Wiley J.
Perkins James C.
Pitts Jno O.
Price Silas M
Royal John E.
Richardson Wm C
Roper Benj H
Scott David M C.
Sparks Wm T.
Sullivan DunRhic(?) A.
Torbert Howard A.
Tabb Richd B.
Turnbow Williford J
Wallace Wm G.
Whitsitt Henry
Wright Rufus L.
Wyatt Lester(?) A.

Co. C, 4 Reg't Ala. Vol. Militia
Formerly(?) Capt Howze's Co. Wyatt Guards
Muster Roll
Capt Howze's Co., Wyatt Guards, attached 
to the 2d Regt. Ala. Vol. Militia
March 15 to April 30, 1862
shows station,
Fort Gaines
This company was organized under the call of Governor John Gill Shorter of
 Ala of March 6, 1862 as one of sixty companies called out by him for
 ninety days for the defence of the Gulf Coast.  
The company was armed and organized by the election of officers on the
 15th March, 1862.  Received marching orders and left(?) Perry County for
 Mobile on the (?) day of March 1862.  Arrived in Mobile on the 23d day 
of March 1862 and immediately reported to Brig.(?) Genl. T J. Butler
 and were by(?) him temporarily attached to the 2d(?) Regiment A.V.M.
 and ordered to Camp (?)rter at Stalls Mills.  From there the company on
 the 5th day of April 1862 was ordered to Fort Gaines where it has been
 since stationed.
I V Hammer

Co. C, 4 Reg't Ala. Vol. Militia
Formerly(?) Capt Howze's Co. Wyatt Guards
Company Muster Roll
of the organization named above,
for March 15 to June 13, 1862
shows station of company,
Mobile Ala

This Regt. is composed of "Ninety days men" who have armed and equiped
 themselves; have been employed in the city of Mobile mainly as a police
 force and have had but little opportunity for improvement in discipline,
 instruction, & e(ducation?).
Jno H.(?) Gee Capt.
Insp & Musg. Officer
I V Hammer

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