Perry Co AL folks from Uniontown (Woodville) area

The Beginning of Woodville, or Uniontown

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p 62- from Harris "Heritage of Perry Co."

"In 1818, the Wood brothers settled on the future site of Uniontown. Some time later, A settler, John Murphy, erected his cabin near the Woods, and sold tobacco and ammunition to the people in the area. Henry Wood was appointed magistrate in the community and his cabin was used as a court room.

"Planters in the vicinity soon demanded a post office for the area, and petitioned the government to name the post office 'Woodville', in honor of the Wood brothers. The government agreed to establish the post office, but refused to use the name since there was already a town by that name in the state.

"Phillip J. Weaver, a planter, originally from Uniontown, MD, suggested the name 'Uniontown'. Thus, officially the town became Uniontown, although the inhabitants called it Woodville for many years.

Early Settlers in the Uniontown Area

Early Settlers in town limits of Uniontown

pp62-3 "The earliest settlers in Sections 7, 8, 17, and 18 of Township 17North, Range 6East, which later became the town limits of Uniontown were:

Benjamin Adair - William Adair - Zadoc Adair - John J. Crochran -
Jesse Dale - James H. Fitts - John Fitts - William Garner - Aaron George -
Hezekiah G. Johnson* - Brice M. Moore - John Murff - Sam Murff - George Nelson -
Charles J. Puckett - Joseph Reed - Adam Taylor - Ebenezer Varnall - Joseph Varnell -
Phillip J. Weaver - Henry Woods - Robert Woods*

* indicates on more than one list.

Early settlers south of Uniontown

p63- "Early settlers in township 16 to the south of Uniontown."
were: Middletwon G. Woods and William G. Woods

Others in the area

Above citations and information from pp62-65 in Harris "Heritage of Perry Co.

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