Coming of the Pioneers

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

pp8-9 - "Henry Nave, accompanied by sons Jesse and John, and by his friend and neighbor from Giles Co. TN, Moses Brock, had settled on the banks of a creek near the abandoned Cahawba Old Town in 1816. [Fagan, Apr 9, 1909]
"John and David Durden, brothers from TN, settled on Old Town Creek and erected a cabin one-half miles from the Naves. A few years later ... young Jesse nave married the daughter of David Durden.
"Moses Brock and Elizabeth Nave were married 13 Apr 1820...
"Early in 1817, John Durden and Thomas M. Oliver built a cotton gin near Cahawba Old Town.... Durden became a JP in 1820, and 2 years later he and Oliver were among the founders of Marion.
"William Ford"
"Nathan Reid" moved [here] in 1817, accompanied by his sons-in-law Michael McElroy and Warner Young. .... McElroy (better known as Michael Muckle) built his cabin on the future site of Marion...."
"Thomas Means, a native of Boston, who was later to become the 1st circuit court clerk [Harris:25 "sworn in March 1820"], came up the Cahaba Rv. by poleboat in 1817, landing at what subsequently became known as Burrough's ferry. ... Several years later he attempted a journey to his former home, but died on the trail in GA. [Fagan , 26 Feb 1909]. Harris:25 shows estate inventory 9 Mar 1822.
" Anderson West , soon to play a major role in the founding of Marion, came to the vicinity of Old Town Creek in 1817 or 1818, accompanied by his wife, Cecilia, and friends Thomas M. Oliver and William and Sion Sanders. Fagan stated that West... was living in Marion in 1844, and had made 42 moves."

p 10- " John Boyd, who settled in the northwestern part of the county, now known as the Brushy Creek community told Fagan [Apr 9,1909] that 'I pitched my camp at Indian Old Town in the fall of 1817. Thos. Blackburn and I started immediately to hunt corn....'. "

p12 - "In the summer of 1818, a company of militia was organized in the vicinity of Cahawba Old Town as part of the Dallas Co. Militia, with Richard Tubb serving as Captain, Daniel Tubb as Lt. and Moses Brock as Ensign....
"In November 1818, [Capt. George B. McCluskey, resident of new county] was suggested for appointment as first county sheriff.
fn 18 - McCluskey's home was used as voting place, 1819.
"... in 1818, the Wood brothers, Robert, Henry, and James, settled in the sourthwestern portion of the county...which would later be named Woodville in their honor. This is the present-day vicinty of Uniontown."

[end Harris quotes]

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