Perry County in the Civil War

SOURCE: Ken Jones' web site; Harris pp 186-199

Most listed below are found at Ken Jones' site: [Which is no longer found online 2014.]
AL Regimental Histories Dick Leddy claims to have the "The LARGEST collection of Civil War rosters on the WWW" [Which is no longer found online 2014.] Here is a copy of Jones' list for Perry County:

Most of the The listings above were found on Ken Jones pages.[Which is no longer found online 2014.] He has a truly awesome Civil War site.
Make sure you visit! Ken Jones Main Page [Which is no longer found online 2014] and search/look at "Alabama during Civil War" as well as checking: AL Regimental Histories

In addition, Harris, pp 186-199, gives some Rosters that had been printed in the local papers. These lists have some duplicate names, and some are also incorporated in other AL units. But you may find these of interest: