Perry County Guards, Alabama

This muster list was sent Dec 98 by Renee Thompson.
I've also put her e-mail address next to "her" ancestor. If you find one of yours, let me know and I can do the same.


Sept. 11, 1908

My Dear Mr. Moore:

In examining some of our old newspaper files a few days since I found a few references to the candidacy of your father, the late Judge John E. Moore for Governor of Alabama in 1861. Thinking they might interest you, copies have been made for your use.

A few days since I had a call from Mr. A.E. Baker, now of Selma. he told me that he was a survivor of the 4th Regiment of Alabama Volunteer Militia, raised in the Spring of 1862, under a call from Gov. John Gill Shorter. He further told me that your father was a captain of the "Perry Guards" in that command. In looking up our records with a view to the preparation of a history of the Regiment, I found the original muster roll of his Company. I have had a copy made, and am enclosing it herewith.

Presumably you have all of these things, but if not, they will doubtless be of some value to you. With best wishes, and high personal regards,

Your friend,

John Trotwood Moore, Esq.,
Nashville, Tenn

Now, attached to this is the listing:

"Muster Roll of Perry Guards."
A company organized for Ninety days in Perry County Ala. on the 10th of April 1862 under the Governor's Proclamation.

  1. John Moore, Captain
  2. J. S. Blackburn, 1st Lieut.
  3. W.M.L. Johnson, 2nd Lieut.
  4. D. T. Vincent, 1st Sergt.
  5. Wm. Deason, 2nd Sergt.
  6. W. W. Fowler, 3rd Sergt. Helen Allen (1) below:
  7. Allen Lagrone, 4th Sergt.
  8. James Russell, 1st Corp.
  9. B. W. townsend, 2nd Corp.
  10. L.D.N. Huff, 3rd Corp.
  11. A. C. Curb, 4th Corp.

  12. N. Adams, Private
  13. J. P. Adams
  14. Alfred Bearden
  15. W. G. Butler
  16. C. Clements
  17. J. W. Clodfelter
  18. J. M. Crowe
  19. G. W. Doss Helen Allen (1) below:)
  20. W. W. Cook
  21. A. A. Driver
  22. Hiram Fikes
  23. Thos. Grans
  24. Wm. Goodwin
  25. H. Howard
  26. W. P. Haskell
  27. B. W. Holly
  28. H. Herrin
  29. E. P. Horton
  30. J. L. Hicks
  31. David Logan
  32. W. H. Lagrone
  33. J. C. Langford
  34. (Blank)
  35. Henry Lagrone
  36. Jackson Lagrone
  37. Joseph Munn
  38. W. J. Meirs
  39. Joseph P. Mount
  40. W. M. Nickols
  41. N. Marshall
  42. Patrish Oriley (Could be Patrick)
  43. H. G. Perry
  44. Marvin Perdew
  45. S. A. S. Perry
  46. George Pitts
  47. J. J. Porter
  48. Jas. H. Pitts
  49. Morris Raeford
  50. J. P. Saunders
  51. E.H. Simpson
  52. A. W. Stearens
  53. J. A. Smith
  54. Thos. Smith
  55. D. J. Smith
  56. Joshua Timmerman
  57. P. O. Terrell
  58. Samuel Wilson
  59. J. W. Warren
  60. J. N. Wilson
  61. B. W. Smith
  62. David Terry (my line!) -- Renee Thompson
  63. W. N. Mitchell
  64. S. S. Starner
  65. Wyms Horn
  66. J. G. McCullough
  67. S. J. Houston
  68. J. F. Mounts
  69. Joseph Thigpen
  70. Jacob Golden
  71. James A. Hartly
  72. James N. Martin -- Subt.for J.M. Key
  73. Joseph M. Murry
  74. Wm. Grower
  75. J. M Langhorn M.D. cop
  76. R. H. Wallis, Camp Com

(1) Helen Allen ( wrote 1 Oct 2002 "On the Muster Rolls of Perry Guards, My great great grandfather, W. W. Fowler, 3rd Sergt. is listed as #6.
Also #19, G. W. Doss was his brother-in-law. G. W. Doss's sister was Nancy S. Doss Fowler who had married W. W. Fowler. The muster roll agrees with the military record I have for W. W. That record says he advanced to 2nd Sergt., then 1st Sergt. within the 90 days."

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