Some Perry County Marion AL Light Infantry, Co. "G", 4th AL Inf.

SOURCE: Harris, pp192-5
Harris notes: "Muster roll of the Marion Light Infantry, which was commanded by Capt. H. H. Mosely, who stated that the company left Marion on 24 April, 1861"
He further notes - "...under the command of Capt. Porter King early in the war...."

footnote (p192, #64):--- "From the scrapbook, of Mrs. James A. Smith, Judson Library. This list seems to have been made many years after the war. Many of those listed as dead died long after the war."

1861 -  Marion Light Infantry, Co. "G" 4th AL Inf.	
Apsey, G	
Arnold, James J.	
Averett, Alex. H.	
Billingsley, David H.	dead
Billingsley, Martin J.	dead
Butler, Felix G.	dead
Carson, Thomas J.	
Caswell, T.S	dead
Cocke, J. Mat	
Cook, Mortimer M	dead
Cosby, John S	dead
Craig, Andrew	dead
Craig, Robert A.	
Craig, Thad A.	
Craig, William M.	
Crowe, James R.	
Deaton, Vanderer	died
Downs, Ambrose B	not accounted for
Dunlap, Saul R	
Dunlap, William D	 dead
Eskridge, R.M died	
Evins, J. Selwin	died
Evins, Thomas J	died
Fields, John S	not accounted for
Fiquett, Wm.  H.	
Fitts, Francis M	not accounted for
Ford, Simeon M	died
Ford, William	died
Goree, Edwin	
Graham, A. Cary	
Graham, Alex	 died
Graham, Chambers	
Graham, Porterfield	died
Harris, Charles H.	 not accounted for
Hendrix, Martin T.	
Henry, Beverly M.	
Herron, Wm.  H.	
Hinton, Algeron S.	
Hornbuckle, James W	
Houston, Thomas D	not accounted for
Huff, Donaldson	not accounted for
Huntington, David Y	died
Jarvis, James C	dead
Johnson, David	dead
Johnston, George D.	
Johnston, Marius B	dead
Johnston, Wm. G	dead
Kelly, Joseph A	not accounted for
King E. Ford	dead
King, Joseph H	dead
King, Porter	dead
Kirksey, Elihu J	dead
Knight, John F	dead
Leak, Elias A	dead
LeVert, Frank J.	
Lockett, Wm. A.	
Lutz, Albert	not accounted for
Marshall, Ireneas A.	
Marshall, Wm. 0	dead
McElroy, Wm.	
McIntosh, Dunkin E.	dead
McIntosh, Roderick M	dead
McKerrall, Saul W	dead
McLeod, Dr	dead
Miree, Willis T	dead
Moore, Andrew J.	
Moore, James A.	
Moore, Marcus D.L.	
Moore, Samuel	dead
Moseley, Henry H.	
Moseley, John W	dead
Moseley, Wm. W	dead
Nave, Jesse B.	
Nave, Wm. J	dead
Nix, Reuben F	dead
Norris, Melvill F	not accounted for
Parker, John R	dead
Peeples, Wm. D	not accounted for
Perry,Jerry	dead
Pitts, Christopher G	dead
Pleasant, John L.	
Pleasant, Steven W	not accounted for
Rankin, James H 	dead
Reese, Carlos	
Reese, Joseph E.	
Robards, Thomas S	not accounted for
Robards, Wm. L.	
Robbins, Madison C	dead
Robbins, WM.	
Roberson, Joseph E	not accounted for
Rogers, James P	
Rutledge, Paul A	dead
Scott, David B 	dead
Scott, R. Brice	
Scurlock, Wm 	dead
Seawell, Charles H.	
Seawell, Leonard H 	dead
Shivers, James M.	
Smith, James A. ,	
Smith, Virginius S 	dead
Spencer, Oliver H.	
Stevens, Fred G 	not accounted for
Stewart, Andrew J 	dead
Tarrant, Ira G.	 dead
Tarrant, James C 	dead
Thornton, Abraham 	dead
Tousley, Charles B	 dead
Turnbow, James M	 dead
Wallace, John B.	
Ward, Wm.  C.	
Watters, Charles W	
Watters, John W	
Wells, Jesse W	
White, Robert B	 dead
Zimmerman, Wm.  C.	

  Breed, Jefferson                              	
  Griffin, J.D.	
  Ingram, Francis M.                              	
  Ingram, John S.                                 	
  McDaniel, Daniel	
  McDonnoh, James W	
  Owens, Alex	
  Peacock, Robert F	
  Pilkington, MH	
  Prescott, Mathew
  Ragland, B.C.

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