First County Seat - Perry Ridge

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p12- " A crude log building was constructed on Perry Ridge, which served as a temporary courthouse. Here Henry Bernhard held the position of county clerk, while Anderson West served as the first sheriff...."
p13 - "According to papers filed in the County Clerk's office the following persons were sworn into county duties at the Perry Ridge Courthouse:

Elisha Ford King, 17 Apr 1820 - county treasurer.
Anderson West [pioneer] , 17 Apr 1820 - Sheriff
James L. Scott, Deputy sheriff 17 Apr 1820
John Durden [pioneer], Champion T. Trailor, Nathan Reid, Temple Lea , and John Johnson - Justices of county Court 17 Apr 1820

Alexander Moore - constable, 1 Jan 1820
Richard Tubb and John Johnson - constables 30 May 1820
Joseph Brown - deputy sheriff, 15 Nov 1820
William Chesney - clerk of Inferior Court 20 Mar 1820
Martin A. Lea - deputy sheriff, 11 Sep 1820

p14 - "The first election precincts in Perry County were established in 1819 at the homes of Joseph Britain, William Walters, Capt. G. B. McCluskey [pioneer] .
The following year 2 additional precincts were added - James Beard's and William Wardly's"
[end Harris quotes]

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