Located in an open field in West Perry on land belonging to Webbs in 1960.

This monument is erected by Joseph Evans in memory to following person whose remains are now deposited in this family graveyard, 1848:
To Robert Evans, his father, who departed this life in the 104th year of his age.
To Amelia Evans, his wife, aged 56 years, and Jane Evans his wife, aged 22 years.
To Frances, wife of Daniel Lee, aged 21 years and Amelia, wife of James (?)eed, who were his daughters.
To Lydia H., wife of his son Joseph, and Willis Evans, his grandson, aged 2 years; and eight infants who were his grandchildren.
Marker placed by Cherokee Chapter DAR: Rev. Soldier: Robert Evans, 1775-1783. SAR, 1775
Seperate marker: Amelia Evans departed this life Sept. 26, 1840, aged 56 years. She was born in Greenville, S.C.

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